Will steam cleaning get rid of fleas?

a cat lying on a carpet

If you have pets, the chances are high that they’ve picked up fleas along their walks outside only to bring them back into your home. Unfortunately, fleas are blood-sucking parasites that breed excessively.

A flea colony, for example, can lay more than 4,050 eggs a day with these eggs hatching as quickly as two to three days later to create what is known as larvae. With this in mind, you might be at your wit’s end and you’re looking for solutions to help you address your infestation. One question we often get asked is does steam cleaning kill fleas. Read on to find out what your options are.

Does steam kill fleas and their eggs?

Fleas are tiny parasites that like to nestle in areas where they can feed and reproduce. This means their perfect location for settling down is near your pets’ bedding or beds, upholstery as well as deep in your carpets’ fibres. Because these creatures can be harmful to both your and your pets’ health, and because they’re highly unhygienic, you want to deal with your flea infestation as quickly as possible.

The first question you need to ask is will steam cleaning kill fleas. But a further question that follows on from this is does steam kill flea eggs? And even further, you may be wondering what is the best flea treatment for a carpet. We answer these questions in more detail here.

The answer to the first question – does steam kill fleas – is in the affirmative. Yes, it does and there are a couple of reasons for this. We cover these in more detail below.

Can fleas survive steam cleaning?

Knowing that steam kills fleas, it’s also important to look at the reasons why. Firstly, professional steam cleaning uses high temperatures, over 38 degrees Celsius, which means that most life forms die as a result of this exposure.

Further to this, a professional carpet cleaner uses specific equipment which can completely remove your flea colony and destroy the fleas’ life cycle in your home.

Finally, the techniques used means that hard-to-reach areas are covered as are areas near and around where your pets sleep, carpets, upholstery, curtains and even baseboards and edges of walls can be covered as well.

How to get rid of fleas in a carpet

If you want to know how to kill fleas in a carpet, you should know that vacuuming alone won’t do the trick. Yes, you may suck up some of the adult fleas (only to have them live in your vacuum’s dirt bag) but the larvae and eggs, when nestled nicely into your carpets will be unaffected.

For this reason, because steam cleaning reaches high temperatures, a carpet steam cleaning service can in fact destroy fleas on contact.

This is why steam cleaning is the recommended route to take when attempting to get rid of a flea infestation in your home. Remember that vacuuming is the first part of the carpet cleaning process and is only the beginning. However, it should be supplemented with steam cleaning on your carpets for maximum results.

Get rid of fleas with professional carpet steam cleaning

When it comes to having a flea infestation in your home, the best option you have for destroying colonies and getting rid of fleas is through steam cleaning. Although you may think that vacuuming can help, the chances are high that you’ll merely transfer the fleas to your dustbin only to have them hop onto your cat or dog to come back and nestle in again. At Perfect Carpet Cleaning Enfield, Harrow, and Richmond, we use high-grade equipment and detergents which are both child- and pet-friendly and our results speak for themselves. We steam clean your carpets and affected areas so that you can get impressive results that leave your home smelling, looking and feeling deeply cleansed and clean once again.