Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odours?

cat on a carpet

Almost half of UK adults own a pet. With an estimated 11 million cats and 9 million dogs in our homes, it comes as no surprise that carpets will suffer! Accidents inevitably happen and strong smells from urine can harm your fibres as well as your health. Will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odours? Read on…

Understanding Pet Smells

Knowing why urine smells so pungent makes identifying the problem easier. Look for a stain, to begin with. The issue here is that the urine actually goes much deeper into the carpet – and can taint the floor below.

Dog urine can have a very strong smell if your pet has diabetes or a urinary tract infection. And this may cause your dog to urinate more frequently. The ammonia in cat urine can make your nose sting – male cats that aren’t neutered may also spray their territory.

Leaving the urine just increases the odour as it penetrates into the foundations. As they dry the crystals of urine increase in concentration and smell even more. The components of urine attract moisture and over time mould will grow underneath the carpet.

If left untreated you may find you’ll need a professional pet odour removal service to get rid of unpleasant and unwanted stenches.

Potential Health Issues

Untreated smelly carpets can affect your health. The bacteria and mould that quickly forms can cause irritation. And if you suffer from respiratory issues it can lead to bronchitis and other infections. Allergies and asthma are other problems that can be escalated.

Breathing pet urine into your lungs can also cause irritation. And if your eyes are exposed to high concentrations of ammonia your sight may be affected. You may also experience nausea, light headiness, and feel faint.

Smoke-related odours can be found in the ventilation system as well as in the carpets. These are quite harmful and need to be removed from the environment to stop you breathing in the particles every day. Remember that you can’t always see the airborne contaminants – this can only be done with equipment of a professional grade.

What You Can Do

As soon as you notice a pet urine stain on your carpet you should:

  • – Blot the excess with white paper towels or a clean cotton cloth pressing firmly to absorb as
    much as possible
  • – Mix a half and half solution of white vinegar and water to pour onto the stain
  • – Use a scrubbing brush to work into the carpet and allow the vinegar to neutralise the smell of ammonia
  • – Blot the stain again with fresh paper towels
  • – When the carpet is dry sprinkle baking soda onto the stained area
  • – If the stain is still there scrub with diluted washing up liquid
  • – When the carpet is dry vacuum all over

When the Odour Persists

So, when you’ve done all you can to remove the smell satisfactorily and not got the result you wanted it may be worth investigating further. Attics, vents, and drains can all be sources of nasty smells. And even the cleanest homes can be subject to rodent infestation.

If you have any concerns you’ll need to get in touch with a trusted pest control service with technicians who’ll wear protective clothing. And use tools and techniques to remove any carcasses, and safely get rid of any odour issues.

Need Expert Help with Your Carpets?

Professional odour removal companies will send a team of qualified and experienced technicians to safely eliminate your pet smells. The source of the smell will be detected. And stains will be effectively removed with modern methods and technologies. With pet odour neutralising techniques your carpets will soon be refreshed and look and smell as new.