What is Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Why Does it Matter?

office space with carpet on the floor

Whereas your home may have just a couple of members in the household, an office building may have a couple of hundred people inhabiting it on a daily basis. Apart from office buildings, there are many other office spaces and organisations that have carpeted floors. These range from clinics and hospitals to restaurants and even pubs.

Each of these commercial entities need to use the right commercial carpet cleaning methods to maintain a clean and healthy environment for their staff and patrons. But what is commercial carpet cleaning, what are its benefits and what’s the best cleaning method to use? In this blog post, we answer these questions to help you gain better clarity and make more informed decisions. Let’s dive in.

What is commercial carpet cleaning?

In short, commercial carpet cleaning is when an organisation – whether public or private – employs the services of an office carpet cleaning company to clean its carpets professionally. This means using the right tools, equipment and detergents to get dirt, grime, dust and debris off the carpet to ensure that it is clean, safe and healthy for those who walk on it on a regular basis or those who are in close proximity to it.

It must be remembered that carpets trap a lot of dirt and with high foot traffic, they can become an environment where dirt and bacteria start festering, causing allergies and even sickness. This is why commercial organisations regularly make use of professional carpet cleaning specifically for commercial purposes to ensure that the health and wellbeing of their staff and guests is continuously upheld.

What are the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning?

Apart from the fact that commercial carpet cleaning is a great way of removing deeply ingrained dirt and ensuring the health and wellbeing of those in the building or on the premises, there are many other benefits of this activity which you should consider.
Here are a few of the most important ones:

– You can save time and money by ensuring that the professional carpet cleaning company assigned to your premises deals with moving of furniture, vacuuming and pre-treating spots.
– You can maintain a professional business appearance with flawlessly cleaned carpets and floors. Dirt quickly catches the eye while clean carpets leave a positive lasting impression.
– You can enjoy long-term savings because you won’t need to replace your carpets that often if you have them cleaned professionally on a regular basis.
– Regular and professional commercial carpet cleaning can improve the indoor air quality of the building. This can lead to lower heating or cooling costs further down the line.
– Take advantage of a professional commercial carpet cleaning service that uses only the highest grade equipment that is specifically designed for large commercial spaces. This equipment can help remove mould, stains, odours and mildew, for example as opposed to a residential vacuum cleaner.
Enjoy greater stain protection through the use of industrial grade cleaning products for deeply embedded stains and to protect your carpet’s fibres from future damage and stains.
– Benefit from the professional commercial carpet cleaning company’s knowledge and expertise because they are able to immediately identify your carpet type, what challenges you may be facing and what the best method is for treating it.

What is the best method for commercial carpet cleaning?

By far, the best method for commercial carpet cleaning is the hot water extraction carpet cleaning method. Using professional grade equipment, special detergent is injected into the carpet to break down stains and dirt. After treatment, a high-powered vacuum is used to extract the dirt using a hot water solution to restore the appearance of the carpet.

This method is exceptional for targeting carpet stains, breaking down bacteria, leaving less waste after the cleaning process, it’s better for the environment and many others.

It must be noted that this method is also often referred to as steam carpet cleaning. Nevertheless, despite the different names for the same type of service, it is perhaps the most professional way for the detergent to deeply penetrate the carpet’s fibres whilst extracting all the gunk and bacteria that are stuck deep within it.

While it may require some time for the carpets to completely dry, the suction as a result of the hot water extraction method means that the carpet is as little wet as possible when left to dry.

Choose a professional commercial carpet cleaning company

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning services in Enfield, Harrow, Barnet and the surrounding areas in North London, it’s clear that the benefits of having your carpets professionally cleaned are numerous and worth considering. And when it comes to choosing your service provider, you need to look for an established company that has experience to their name as well as offers advanced cleaning techniques and which uses quality materials.

To ensure that the original appearance of your carpets is restored, you can also choose an anti-static odour control and a low moisture process for faster drying time. For a healthier working environment, be sure to get in touch with us. At Perfect Carpet Cleaning, we truly know how to clean carpets “perfectly” and to your complete satisfaction.