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What Is Domestic Cleaning?

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The domestic cleaning definition is cleaning of homes by a trained operative for payment. This simply means you’re provided with a service that includes dusting, wiping surfaces, mopping floors, and vacuuming to a professionally high standard.

You can employ domestic cleaners for a one-off deep clean. Or use them on a regular basis to keep your home spotless. And they’re the perfect solution for tenants ready to move out and wanting to secure the return of any deposits.

What is domestic cleaning? Read on…

The History of Domestic Cleaning

Domestic cleaners have been around for decades, but World Wars brought a shift in employment for those in service. See a brief summary here…

  • 1914 – servants cooked, washed, and ironed, and cleaned the floors and carpets
  • 1920’s and 30’s – there was a revolution in domestic cleaning
  • 1955 – ladies still helped out with the cleaning but were harder to find
  • 1970’s – packaged domestic cleaning services were emerging
  • Today – the domestic cleaning market in the UK is worth between three and six billion pounds per year

A Modern Domestic Cleaning Guide

Depending on the cleaning company many cleaning tasks will be carried out including:

  • Kitchen – inside microwave, on top of freezer, oven, hob, and extractor cabinets, all surfaces, floors mopped or vacuumed, bins emptied
  • Bedrooms – window sills, doors, ceiling fans, light fixtures, furniture, mirrors, carpets vacuumed
  • Bathroom – disinfected, cabinets wiped down, shower and bath, toilet hygienically cleaned, glass surfaces polished, floors mopped or vacuumed
  • Living areas – furniture dusted, table tops polished, window sills and skirting boards cleaned, light fixtures and vacuuming

Domestic Cleaning Essentials

Because professional cleaning is so comprehensive you know that the jobs completed are done properly. This makes it a simple solution for:

  • Selling your house – having your house cleaned from top to bottom will ensure any potential buyers are impressed
  • Ending a tenancy – your landlord will expect the property to be cleaned to a professional standard for the check-out report
  • Moving into a new home – a one-off clean will ensure the empty property is fresh and dirt-free before you relocate
  • Hosting a party – before any special occasion it’s a great idea to have a one-off clean that makes your home even more inviting
  • Spring cleaning – give your home a complete makeover by arranging a thorough clean
  • Regularly cleaning – you can get weekly or fortnightly shorter cleaning visits that fit into your busy schedule and leave you more time

Finding the Right Cleaning Company

There are certain questions you’ll want to put to any reputable cleaning agency before you trust the cleaners in your home. You can ask to:

  • See references from past employers for all cleaners
  • Meet potential cleaners before the service begins
  • Be shown contract details including any notice period
  • Have the payment options explained
Woman Cleaning Bathroom

And see if:

  • There’s insurance cover provided for breakage or theft
  • Cleaning materials and equipment are provided
  • There’s an additional agency fee
  • A loyalty discount is available
  • You can get a free quote upfront
  • An alternative cleaner can be provided if there are any problems
  • Domestic carpet cleaning is an added extra

Prices for Domestic Cleaning

For a one-off clean, charges start at around £12 an hour – and often come with a two to three-hour minimum stipulation. Regular visits each week or fortnight come in at around £9 an hour. This price will often include an agency fee meaning that the cleaner will probably receive about £7 an hour. These costs all depend on individual cleaning companies.

Cleaning tools and materials may be included in the service price. You can opt to supply your own if you want to know exactly what products are used to carry out your cleaning. However, this can work out to be quite expensive – and remember that trusted service providers will use solutions that are family and pet-friendly.

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