What Is D10 Cleaner Used For In Cleaning?

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There are many important reasons for high-priority hospitality kitchen cleaning to ensure that any surfaces and equipment that come into contact with food are free from bacteria – and to prevent pests from being attracted to the kitchen area.

There’s a range of cleaning agents that can be used to keep your commercial kitchen hygienic and safe. These include D2 and D10 cleaning products. To find out just what is D10 cleaner used for in cleaning and more read on…

Types of Cleaning Chemicals

For ease of identification the letter D stands for degreasers. The manufacturer of these degreasers is Diversey. See a range of their cleaning agents here…

D2 All-purpose cleaning agent

This concentrated cleaner is specifically designed for cleaning of all hard surfaces within the food premise industry – including floors, doors, walls, and ceilings. It can also be used for cleaning general equipment as it’s a fast and powerful degreaser. And can be used on plastics, paintwork, and polished metals.

Additional benefits of the product are that it’s non-perfumed and non-tainting, and there aren’t any mineral deposits left on drying. Dilution for spray cleaning is 20 ml to 750 ml of water – spray the surface with the solution and clean with a damp cloth. Follow by rinsing with clean water and allowing to air dry.

For general cleaning the solution can be used to clean surfaces with a cloth, brush, or mop. For floor cleaning, a product dilution of up to 2% in hot water will remove dirt effectively from hard floor surfaces. A final rinse with clean water followed by air-drying will leave floors sanitised.

Cleaning Agents

D3 Heavy duty degreaser

This is a ready to use liquid degreaser intended for the removal of oil, carbon, and fat from kitchen appliances – including interiors of dishwashers, cooker hoods, ovens, grills, pots and pans. This powerful product isn’t harmful to aluminium or other soft metals.

Its non-fragranced and non-staining properties make it safe for all food-related cleaning and can be sprayed directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Depending on the amount of soiling left after removing excess with a sponge, the product should be left to settle for a few minutes. Clean water needs to be used for a thorough rinse before air drying.

The temperature of the items that need cleaning with this degreaser should not be above 70 degrees Celsius. For canopies and hoods product can be sprayed directly onto the surface as before, but needs to be left for up to 30 minutes to work properly. Any loose food remnants can then be taken away with a sponge – with extra attention given to any internal drain channels. Finish by rinsing with clean water and letting air dry.

D4 Sanitiser and disinfectant spray

This disinfectant spray is ready to use without any dilution on all hard surfaces. The easy to use trigger spray makes it perfect for daily ongoing cleanses that are effective against a vast spectrum of micro-organisms, ensuring optimum hygiene.

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D10 Detergent disinfectant

D10 cleaner is a concentrated detergent disinfectant that’s effective against a wide range of micro-organisms. The D10 sanitiser makes it ideal for one-step cleaning and disinfection. The highly concentrated formula targets and destroys bacteria that live in both hard and soft water conditions – ensuring the highest quality of cleanliness.

What is D10 used for?

This product can be used to clean and sanitise food service areas in one step – and can be applied directly to the surface, or applied with a cloth or brush. After leaving to dry for a minimum time of five minutes, the area can then be rinsed with clean water and left to dry.

Using this product guarantees clean and sanitary surfaces with 99.9% of bacteria eliminated within 30 seconds – including Salmonella and E. coli. This food-safe solution passes the BS EN 1276 standard for antibacterial performance. This make it perfect as a professional cleaning agent.

A pump can be added to spray bottles to make a D10 spray. Doses can then be measured in 25ml ratios to make portable cleaning easy. A concentration of 50ml in a 750ml spray bottle will effectively remove soiling. This effective and versatile product is also non-fragranced and non-tainting.

Your professional kitchen will benefit from a daily cleaning regime using all of the above degreasers – and a regular deep clean on a weekly basis. You’ll soon get passionate about cleaning and promote hygiene and healthy practices.