What Can You Clean With A Steam Cleaner?

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly way of cleaning – and steam cleaner uses include flooring and household dirt removal. In an industrial environment, it can be used to get rid of engine grease and dirt.

Steam cleaners are easy to use and provide a whole range of benefits. See what can you clean with a steam cleaner here…

How does steam cleaning work?

Basically, it uses vaporised water to carry out the cleaning operation. The heat generated by the steamer can kill 99% of bacteria and germs. This extreme temperature breaks down food residues, grime, and grease too – providing hygiene and sanitation without any chemicals.

There are two types of steam cleaning machines available – a cool option that’s handheld or upright and makes steam without boiling the water. And a dry steam variety that makes steam from boiling water and is very hot. Bear in mind that when high temperatures are reached there’s always a potential for scalding. It’s a good idea to wear protective clothing to keep you safe.

After application the heat breaks down dirt and oils deep within the carpet fibres, the dry steam then collects the dirt and unpleasant debris and sucks them out. This makes the process ideal for weakening stains and eliminating bacteria and mites, all without pollutants.

Cleaning Job Criteria

A steam cleaner can tackle all sorts of cleaning jobs:

Can you steam clean laminate floors? The answer to this frequently asked question is yes. The majority of steam cleaners will have a floor brush accessory, and will effectively clean laminate, wood, or stone. Tiled floors may leave uneven cleaning due to grouting.

Can you steam clean ovens? Yes, steam cleaning ovens is another task that the steam cleaner can do, and it’s very hygienic as it cleans without leaving any unpleasant odours.

bedroom steam cleaning

What else can a steam cleaner clean?

  • Windows – inside and out as the added benefit of the steam keeps the moisture on the panes to leave a streak-free finish. Most steam cleaners will come with a window cleaning attachment
  • Kitchen work surfaces – the steam technique not only removes food remnants, grease, and grime but sanitises as it cleans
  • Bedding – hang the bedding over the washing line or the bannister to steam clean easily – getting rid of creases and freshening the linen
  • Mattresses – the high temperature of the steam is ideal for killing dust mites – remember to air the mattress afterwards to ensure it dries completely
  • Clothes – a handheld steamer will quickly remove creases without the need for ironing – some models also incorporate a lint remover which will attract hairs and lint from clothes with ease
  • Bathrooms – provided attachments will allow you to mop the floor, shower, and toilet where dirt accumulates – shower cubicles will only need a two-minute steam to clean the glass inside and out

Can you steam clean carpets? Yes, an upholstery steam cleaner can refresh and renew dirty carpets and furniture. If there are deep stains the process may have to be repeated – and result in the furniture being slightly damp. Drying time can be reduced if you can open the windows to ventilate the room after carpet steam cleaning.

Before-After carpet claning service

How to steam clean carpet?

Steam cleaning your carpets is straightforward if you follow this guide:

  • Make the cleaning easier by clearing the room of clutter and light furniture – wrap the legs of unmoveable furniture with waterproof tape
  • Vacuum the carpet thoroughly – move in opposite directions to pick up as much dust and dirt as possible
  • Pre-treat stains before steaming – use a recommended stain remover for best results
  • Prepare the carpet steam cleaner – follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the recommended cleaning solution
  • Plug into a socket – and wait for the required steaming temperature
  • Clean the carpet from corner to corner – running over the same line twice if using carpet shampoo as this injects the soap initially and sucks it out with the dirt on the second run
  • Allow four to 12 hours for the carpet to dry – leaving excess moisture will attract mould and mildew even following the steam cleaning

Call in the Specialists for Steam Cleaning Services

If you’re at all concerned about steam cleaning your carpets and upholstery yourself why not consider using professional steam cleaning services? Carpet steam cleaning London experts have all the equipment and the skills to carry out the procedure using a powerful hot water extraction machine – providing a uniquely high-quality cleanse. All the hard work will be done for you whilst you sit back and relax!