Top Valentine’s Day Stains And How To Remove Them

Stains on your carpet after your Valentine’s Day celebrations are extremely common! Candles, wine, chocolates, and flowers can leave unsightly marks that need attention as soon as possible to prevent stains from becoming stubborn and more difficult to get rid of.
See some top Valentine’s Day stains and how to remove them here…

Red wine stains

Acting quickly is the key to getting rid of red wine stains successfully. Use paper towels to soak up as much excess liquid as you can. Then mix a solution of two cups of cold water with a tablespoon of washing up liquid and gently sponge the stained area.
Remember not to overwet the carpet as this can lead to mould and mildew forming resulting in an unpleasant smell. Rinse carefully with cold water and blot until the area is dry. You can use a hairdryer to finish off the drying process.
Alternatively, you can spread salt over the stain after absorbing the majority of the wine with paper towels and leave it to sit overnight. In the morning vacuum all of the salt away.

Chocolate stains

If you are often wondering how to get chocolate out of your carpet, the easiest way is to gently rub cold water directly into the stain with circular motions. Then let it sit for a few minutes and rinse with cold water again. If the chocolate has hardened scrape off excess with a blunt knife or the back of a spoon before applying a solution of diluted washing up liquid and gently scrubbing the area.
Small amounts of chocolate can be carefully removed using a baby wipe.

Lipstick stains

You can cleverly remove lipstick from your carpet by applying a small amount of hairspray and leaving it to sit for around 10 minutes. When it’s dry, use a stiff brush to gently flake away the lipstick and follow up with a thorough vacuum.
If the lipstick has discoloured an area of your carpet you can mix a spoon of laundry powder into a paste and dab the stain with a clean cloth. Then use a clean cloth dampened in clean water to rinse the area before patting it dry.

Pollen stains

Pollen from flowers can create stains that are quite difficult to remove. The key to how to get pollen out of your carpet is to avoid rubbing it in. Instead, you should use sticky tape to pull the pollen away from the fabric and then rinse with an alcohol-based cleaner.

Strawberry stains

To remove strawberry stains begin by rinsing the stained area with cool water being careful not to spread the stain deeper into the fibres. Blot the area dry with paper towels.
Make a solution of half a teaspoon of washing-up liquid, a tablespoon of white vinegar, and a cup of warm water. Dab the stain and leave to sit for a couple of minutes then rinse with warm water avoiding any overwetting.
If the stain persists you could try rubbing alcohol but test on a patch of hidden carpet first to ensure that the colour of your carpet isn’t affected.

Candle wax stains

Waiting for the wax to set is the secret to removing it completely. You can then remove as much dried wax as possible with a blunt knife or the back of a spoon. Then place a cloth over the stained area and gently iron the area on a low-temperature setting to lift the remaining wax spots.

Massage oils stains

Talcum powder is a household product that can be sprinkled over the oil stain to soak up the excess. Vacuum the area thoroughly before applying a little shampoo and leaving to rest for a few minutes. Carefully rinse with warm water before blotting dry with paper towels.

Need the help of a specialist carpet cleaner?

If you don’t have the time or the confidence to deal with your after Valentine’s Day carpet stains why not call in the experts? You’ll be able to get a free quote before your service and book an appointment for any day.
A professional carpet cleaner will quickly assess your carpet fibre to choose the most appropriate pre-stain treatment. Then your carpet will be deep cleaned with a hot water extraction technique that removes any dirt, dust, and bacteria, leaving your carpet refreshed and looking new!