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When new stains and spills take place on your sofa and/or soft furnishings, you’re bound to be worried. Your furniture is an expensive investment in your home and you want to preserve it for as long as possible. But whether it’s a clean up after a party or having guests over, the kids deciding to draw some art on your sofa with crayons or you’ve simply accidentally spilled a cup of tea or coffee on your favourite sofa or armchair, it’s not a pleasant situation to find yourself in.

At Perfect Carpet Cleaning, we understand all too well that accidents happen. And sometimes, it’s a combination of daily wear and tear and usage that can make your soft furnishings look work out and dirty. To make sure you aren’t embarrassed by the looks of your couches, it’s time to book your professional upholstery cleaning services in North London with us.

When we perform upholstery steam cleaning, we use a deep cleaning method also known as the hot water extraction method. This is guaranteed to ensure your sofas, armchairs and other soft furnishings look their best once again.

But apart from helping private homes with upholstery cleaning, you can also rely on us as your favourite commercial upholstery and carpet cleaners. Our services cover the areas of Enfield, Harrow and Barnet and with us, you’re guaranteed service satisfaction and greater peace of mind knowing that your soft furnishings are back in great condition once again.

When you need professional upholstery cleaning services in North London, look no further than our experienced and talented professionals who know just the right tips, tricks and techniques to ensure that your favourite sofa or armchair looks as good as new once again.

Enjoy Stain-Free and Expert Upholstery Cleaning in Enfield, Harrow and Barnet

Sofas, mattresses, armchairs and fabrics – no matter how hard we try, it’s almost impossible to keep them stain-free and spotless. With life happening all around us, it’s only natural for spills and stains to pop up. But that doesn’t mean that you need to worry about this. That’s because with our upholstery cleaning in Enfield, Harrow and Barnet, you can rely on an expert furniture cleaning service.

With our spot and stain removal – including coffee, ink, red wine, blood and others – you’re guaranteed a stain-free surface once again. That’s because through our tried and tested cleaning techniques that use the hot water extraction method, you can now rest assured that those stubborn stains will be gone for good.

And possibly one of the best parts about having your upholstery cleaning in Enfield, Harrow and Barnet with us is that your entire home will look as though it’s had a makeover. Curtains will be fresh and clean, mattresses will be more hygienic and sofas and armchairs will look as good as new. All this with a service partner that you can always count on for professionalism and a special touch.

Sofa Deep Cleaning Services in Enfield, Harrow and Barnet for Your Satisfaction and Peace of Mind

At Perfect Carpet Cleaning, we completely get how you feel when you get a new stain on your sofa. Whether it’s red wine, ink, coffee or tea and anything in between – it’s a frustrating experience leaving you wondering what to do about it. Don’t fret though because as a professional and experienced sofa cleaning company for Enfield, Harrow and Barnet with extensive experience in the industry, we’ve got you covered.

Our sofa steam cleaning services are performed by our trusted and talented team and they will first check the type of fabric your sofa is made of followed by closely examining the stain and determining the best way to remove it. With us, you can be confident that the condition of your sofas will be restored to their nearly brand-new looks, leaving you smiling and having greater peace of mind.

As a highly-rated sofa cleaning company for Enfield, Harrow and Barnet, you can bet that we’ve got your best interest in mind and that, combined with our expertise and talent, means that you can enjoy a whole new look and feel to your sofa.


Leather Cleaning in Enfield, Harrow and Barnet With a Professional Touch

Before and after cleaning service

For those of you who own a leather sofa, you will know that it adds a beautifully luxurious touch to your home furnishings. But leather, when exposed to sunlight, can start fading. In addition to this, using incorrect cleaning products or techniques can damage your leather sofa. And that’s why when you need professional leather cleaning in Enfield, Harrow and Barnet, you can count on us.

Not all cleaning products are suitable for leather, though, and testing them out on inconspicuous areas is the smartest way to ensure no damage is caused. Our leather sofa cleaning service ensures you get the best techniques and methods to ensure your sofa looks as good as new.

That’s why you need a professional leather cleaning in Enfield, Harrow and Barnet, you can always count on our talented team to provide you with a leather cleaning service that restores the lustre of your sofa and ensures it remains supple and comfy, just like you like it.

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Superb Upholstery Cleaning in Richmond Leaving You With Revived Sofas and Soft Furnishings

Before and after cleaning service

Oops. Your fabric sofa or armchair were the culprits of a drink or some other stain-causing materials? If you’re concerned about this, we have good news for you. With our upholstery cleaning services in Richmond, you are assured of a high quality upholstery cleaning service that leaves your sofas and armchairs spotless. Yes, we take care of all types of spills and spots. From red wine and juice stains to coffee, blood, ink and everything in between.


When you need sofa cleaning in Richmond, you can rest assured that with Perfect Carpet Cleaning at your side, your soft furnishings are in safe and capable hands. Enjoy the restored condition and appearance of your sofas once again and feel and smell their freshness.

For upholstery cleaning services in Richmond, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Your upholstery cleaning needs will be accurately diagnosed and only the best techniques and equipment will be used to give you the freshest and best results yet!

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