Upholstery Cleaning Richmond

Homes and commercial properties alike benefit from soft furnishings. They need to be nice to look at as well as comfortable. Saying this, daily wear and tear, along with spillages, can ruin the aesthetics. The team at Perfect Carpet Cleaning has the solution you’re looking for. We’re here to offer you the highest quality services for upholstery cleaning in Richmond.


We work on all kinds of stains

Upholstery cleaning Richmond


With sofas, one of the worst things for them is stains. No one wants to look at them, not even the owners. Visitors will wonder what each one is. You don’t want anyone seeing messy furniture and then not wanting to sit down.


Our first rate service can handle stains present on chairs, sofas, and more. They could be from make-up, tea, wine, coffee, or food. We are also able to handle stains from pets and children.


Whether it’s a massive stain or a small spot, we have a solution for it. Even better, we’ll work to make your upholstery look like new. Our service makes the original colour stand out. We’ll ensure your materials are fresh too. You won’t have to put up with odours or any other unpleasant things. Compared to getting new furniture, professional cleaning is more affordable and convenient.


Rely on our expert team


We work hard to make certain our services are the best they can be. Customers will receive the most reliable upholstery cleaning in Richmond. Our team have extensive experience as well as quality equipment to get everything done.


Most importantly, we will work on your upholstery without harming it. We choose a steam cleaning approach because it makes use of a small amount of water. It doesn’t call for cleaning agents either. It’s effective, fast, and safe, giving everyone peace of mind.


Before doing anything though, we make it a point to examine your upholstery. This allows us to discover what fabrics we’re working with and how to approach the stains.


If you’re still not sure, our prices are excellent too. We want them to be accessible to everyone, no matter their budget. They change depending on furnishing size, but tend to be affordable.


Do you need upholstery cleaning in Richmond?


Perfect Carpet Cleaning is a locally-based family business. We focus on keeping clients happy with our professional, friendly services. As a result, we promise you’ll be satisfied with what we have to offer.


So, if there are any sofa furnishings that you need looking at, get in touch. You can send us an email, use our website’s form, or call +44 7386 725651.