What Types Of Carpet Are Easiest To Keep Clean?

Choosing a carpet for your home can be overwhelming with the range of fabrics available. You may need a tough good-value option for your hallway, or a more luxurious alternative for your living area. From hard-wearing sisal to hand-woven wool there are plenty of materials to choose from to ensure your rooms are cosy and warm underfoot.

Some of the main things to think about are cost, who will be walking on the carpet, and the look and feel you desire. Maintaining your selected carpet can be another factor in your considerations. What types of carpet are the easiest to keep clean? Find out more here…

Carpets that are easy to clean

An easy to clean carpet is one made of nylon fibres. The fibres are strong and durable and resilient enough to keep looking as new as they resist wear and tear. Nylon carpets are easily steam cleaned as the heat from the cleaning process reactivates with the inner hydrogen molecules resulting in fibres bouncing back to their original shape. Nylon carpets also oppose mould, mildew and chemicals resulting in long-lasting carpets that are easy to clean. Vacuuming regularly, and using a professional carpet steam cleaner just once or twice a year will ensure a carpet that lasts up to 15 years!

Berber carpets are renowned as being extremely easy to clean and maintain. They actually resemble hand-woven rugs – but have tight loops that are difficult to crush. As they’re typically flecked the dirt is harder to see, and the fabric weave makes them ideal for high traffic areas. This carpet type is often treated with a stain-resistant solution so requires little care ongoing.

Polyester is a synthetic material that’s very stain-resistant. Due to the oil base, they’re able to repel spills and even pet urine. Bear in mind you need to protect polyester carpets from additional oil-based products such as natural body oils as this can be difficult to remove. Otherwise, this carpet type needs very little care – regular vacuuming and a yearly deep clean will adequately suffice.

Polypropylene is a great choice for households as it’s extremely resistant to everyday stains. If staining occurs minimal spot treatment will be required to get your carpet looking as new. Fading and wearing is rare, so maintenance is stress-free.

Wool is a perfect natural option but can be damaged by powerful carpet cleaning solutions so care needs to be taken. As the wool tends to be dense it’s another type ideal for hiding dirt. Vacuuming and using a mild detergent will remove any ingrained dirt by gently scrubbing followed by blotting to encourage drying.

General carpet maintenance

After determining which carpets are the easiest to clean its vital to know how to maintain your carpet to keep it looking great for as long as possible. Look at a few tips here:

  • – Consider choosing a carpet that’s pre-dyed to being tufted – this blocks fading and bleaching from cleaning solutions
  • – Take off your shoes before walking on the carpet – this prevents bringing outdoor dirt inside
  • – Brush pets regularly – this stops loose fur and dander getting into the carpet fibres
  • – Don’t eat or drink in carpeted areas – this avoids any potential stain risks
  • – Vacuum regularly – this will ensure dirt and dust won’t settle in the fabric

Remove stains as soon as possible:

  • – Blot any excess liquid with paper towels
  • – Gently scrub in club soda or appropriate stain removing solution
  • – Sprinkle the stained area with baking soda to get rid of any smells
  • – Vacuum thoroughly when dry

Hire a carpet cleaning expert

Call in a trusted carpet cleaning specialist once or twice a year to keep your carpets looking refreshed and smelling sweet. Reputable companies will now also be providing antiviral deep cleaning with hot water extraction methods that kills 99.99% of all known germs.

Depending on your carpet fibre an appropriate stain pre-treatment will be chosen. This will be followed by cleaning methods that will break up debris, dirt, and bacteria. These cleaning solutions will be extremely effective and don’t need large amounts of water, meaning that your newly cleaned carpets will quickly dry. Cleaning products used will be safe for your family and your pets and are eco-friendly too.

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