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Enjoy professional domestic and commercial carpet cleaning in Tottenham

Carpets have both a functional and aesthetic value in our homes. But whether you have young children running about or you’ve spilled a glass of your favourite red wine, spills and accidents happen. In such cases, not only are carpet stains unsightly, they can also lead to bad odours that are hard to get rid of, affecting your entire home’s feel for cleanliness. This is exactly why you need professional carpet cleaning in Tottenham.

At Perfect Carpet Cleaning, we ensure that your carpets look and smell as fresh as if you’ve just purchased them brand new. With us, you’ll never have to worry about the multiple types of stains that can wreak havoc on your carpets because we have a team of highly experienced and professional carpet cleaners in Tottenham, London. These cleaners are professionals at what they do. They’ve been carrying out this service for years and our expert carpet cleaning is a testament to their skills and knowledge of the different types of stains you may get on your carpet and how best to extract it.

Using the hot water extraction method, we also use high-grade equipment and eco-friendly cleaning materials so that we do not damage your carpets. In fact, when you choose us, you will be assured that our cleaning experts will carefully study the fabric or material your carpets are made of and apply only the right techniques and materials to them to avoid any kind of damage.

As part of our carpet cleaning in Tottenham, you can choose between our domestic carpet cleaning and our commercial carpet cleaning services. That’s right! Whether for your home or office, your carpets will look and feel fresh and clean once again, and importantly – they’ll be odour-free. Choose Perfect Carpet Cleaning for your carpet stain removal service in Tottenham today. We use only the most high-grade equipment and eco-friendly detergents to get rid of tough stains.

Revive the look and feel of your home and ensure it is also allergen-free with professional carpet cleaning services. Once we have cleaned your carpets, your home will not only feel and look great, it will smell great, too. Plus, a major benefit of professional carpet cleaning is the fact that most allergens can be removed, meaning that your home will be a lot healthier for you and your family members. Simply call us and our friendly team will be ready to answer all your questions.

Safe for children and pets.


Is Carpet Cleaning Safe For Babies?

The advanced Prochem formulations we use are completely safe for young people and animals.

Call us in for workplace or domestic carpet cleaning anywhere in Tottenham. We cover all parts of the local area and beyond, and can often even respond to emergency spillage situations!

All services you get from us are covered by a full quality guarantee as well as comprehensive insurance policies. We want you to be able to relax once you’ve booked a service with us. Content in the knowledge that you’ve hired the real experts.

Upholstery cleaning in Tottenham leaving your furniture looking new

Furniture is an essential element of creating a cosy and comfortable home interior. With soft sofas and armchairs as well as mattresses though, one thing is for sure – you’re much more likely to have these soft furnishings absorb stains, smells and bacteria. And that’s the last thing you want for a clean and healthy home. Whether it’s sweat, stains from drinks or food, crayons, blood, wine, pet urine or anything else, you need professional upholstery cleaning in Tottenham. And that’s where the specialists at Perfect Carpet Cleaning shine. Our experts can help you with any type of furniture or mattress cleaning, including carrying out the hard-to-clean leather sofa deep cleaning. One has to be especially careful with leather because it comes in different hues, thicknesses and colours and one small mistake can end up quite costly.

As for mattress deep cleaning, we can help with that too. Dead skin cells often ingrain themselves in your mattresses as does sweat, blood and urine, resulting in an unhealthy sleeping environment. Feel the benefits of a good night’s sleep again as you lay down on a healthy, clean and fresh-smelling mattress. Our specialist team of experts only uses eco-friendly products and techniques for your upholstery cleaning in Tottenham and is at your service whenever you need us. Simply book your upholstery cleaning service with us by giving us a call. We are more than happy to be of service to you!

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No more stains and odours with our professional rug cleaning in Tottenham

If you have rugs scattered around your home’s high foot traffic areas, you’ll know that one thing is certain. And that is that these rugs trap a lot of dirt and they can lose their colours and lustre quite quickly. Not to mention the fact that they can be the culprits for dirt being spread throughout the rest of your home. So, when you are looking for professional rug cleaning in Tottenham, you need to consult with the true professionals. That’s where we come in with our specialist Tottenham rug cleaning service that will leave your walkways and other parts of your home looking and smelling fresh and clean once again.

It doesn’t matter whether you have oriental carpets and rugs. Our team of specialists knows just about everything there is to know about the different rug and carpet materials and fabrics and the best way to get rid of stains and odours on them. They also use highly professional equipment, techniques and detergents to give your home a whole new look and feel. So, when you need rug cleaning in Tottenham, you know exactly who to contact. Book professional rug or carpet cleaning with Perfect Carpet Cleaning today! We are at your side, ready to help you with all your rug and carpet stain removal needs.