How Often Should Pet Owners Clean Their Carpets?

A clean carpet not only extends its life and enhances the overall appearance of the room, but it also contributes to a healthier environment. Dust and allergens get trapped in the fibres and can cause reactions, respiratory issues, and other health problems.

Pets often don’t mix well with carpets as hair shed can be difficult to remove. Toileting accidents can also smell if you don’t remove the fluids quickly. And pet urine can leave stains. So, how often should pet owners clean their carpet? Find out more here…

Your carpet cleaning guide

As the cleanliness of your carpet can have a direct impact on your health it’s important to know-how. Take a look at why regularly cleaning your carpet is essential when you have pets:

  • * Dander – skin cells or dander are frequently shed by your pet, which can build up in the carpet fibres and cause irritation alongside worsening allergies. You need to dust and vacuum often – as well as bathing and grooming your pets on a regular basis.
  • * Dirt – wiping paws at the door is great prevention of tracking dirt after a walk with your dog. This isn’t so easy to do with your cat!
  • * Fluids – your pet may vomit on the carpet if unwell, and faeces if not quickly removed can cause a potential health hazard. Both will damage and stain the carpet fibres due to stomach acid and will need to be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • * Fur – when your pet is enjoying the outdoor life grass, twigs, and dirt can be bought back into the house and deposited on the carpet before you’ve had a chance to remove them. Constant shedding causes a build-up of hair on carpets and upholstery.
  • * Oils – as your pet probably sleeps in the same area this can lead to naturally secreted oils soaking into the carpet and causing discolouration and pet smell.

According to recent research from Sears, you need to vacuum your carpets on a weekly basis. Any stains should be removed immediately, and high-traffic areas should be professionally cleaned with a pet-friendly carpet cleaner between two and four times a year. A carpet clean of the entire property should be carried out annually.

There’s a whole range of vacuum cleaners designed to effectively clean up pet hair. Features include multi-level filtration that cleans up pet hair while reducing allergens, contour nozzles, motorised brushes, and extra baskets to store the pet hair. You can also purchase cleaners with an air-powered pet hand tool, pet upholstery tools, and extension wands and crevice tools that can reach into awkward areas.

Regular carpet cleaning benefits

Keeping your carpets clean by regular vacuuming will ensure that you and your family stay well.

  • – Vacuuming your carpets will make your home look and feel more inviting
  • – Removing surface particles will prevent them from getting deeper into the fibres where they start to cause degradation and damage
  • – Cleaning carpets on a regular basis also helps to extend the lifespan – protecting your investment

Carpet maintenance tips

As a carpet owner with a pet it’s recommended that you vacuum lightly soiled areas on a weekly basis, medium soiled areas twice a week, and heavily soiled areas daily. Spot cleaning should be carried out daily or as soon as spots are noticed.

Call in the experts

When you need professional rug cleaning and carpet cleaning, you’ll want to contact a trusted team cleaners service. Your carpet cleaning specialist will pre-treat any pet stains, oils, and dirt marks to make it easier to remove the grease and grime. Then choose the most effective cleaning method for your fabrics.

For every day, hard-wearing fibres, including wool carpet cleaning, a hot water extraction method will be used. This involves injecting hot water and eco-friendly detergent deep into the carpet fibres, breaking up the dirt and debris. This will then be extracted from the carpet with powerful suction.

Rug cleaning will be carried out with the right detergents and solutions for different types of rugs – from handmade, Persian, oriental or acrylics. You can also get your upholstery revitalised following any pet accidents with the same hot water extraction technique. After an initial inspection, the pet stains will be analysed and the most appropriate cleaning solution chosen.

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