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How To Get Paint Out Of Your Carpet

When you accidentally spill paint on your carpet there’s no need to panic! If you can you should try to remove it immediately as getting rid of wet paint is easier than when it’s dry. By getting all the tools and equipment needed before you start and following a few simple instructions you’ll see how to get paint out of your carpet here…

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How to remove paint from your carpet

There are basically three types of paint stain that you may have to deal with: latex, oil-based, and water-based.

* Water-based paint
If the paint is still wet use paper towels to blot up as much of the paint as you can. Don’t rub as this will only cause the paint to go deeper into the carpet fibres. When as much of the excess as possible has been removed, you can begin treating the stain.
Mix a small amount of washing-up liquid in a bowl with warm water then soak the corner of a clean cloth with the solution. Start blotting on the outside of the stain working towards the centre. Soak up any excess water with paper towels and continue to blot until the stain has gone.
Rinse with clean water without overwetting as this can cause mildew to form and your carpet may start to smell unpleasant. Allow drying naturally.

* Latex paint
Blot the spot to remove as much excess paint as possible without forcing the paint into the carpet fibres. Make a mix of washing up liquid and distilled vinegar and pour into a spray bottle. Apply the detergent solution and scrub the area with a stiff brush, continuing the spraying and scrubbing procedure until the stain has gone.
Alternatively, you can clean the spill with washing up liquid and lukewarm water and blot the spill starting from the outside of the stain and working inwards. Repeat as necessary.
Allowing the carpet to dry after rinsing is really important as excess liquid will create mould and mildew, and cause your carpet to smell.

* Oil-based paint
Test a small patch of carpet not on show with acetone to ensure that it doesn’t discolour. Then dab a clean cloth in acetone or paint thinner and blot the stain. Solvents in these products will help to dissolve the paint layer by layer. Continue to do this with your solvent-dampened cloth for as long as the stain is being picked up.
Following this, you can sponge the area with a solution of washing up liquid and cold water to clean the carpet fibers and help prevent any potential discolouration from the solvents. Use a paper towel to blot up any excess and allow the area to dry.

How to get dried paint out of your carpet

Scarpe off as much of the dried paint as you can with a knife. Then you can place a damp cloth over the paint and use your iron set to medium heat to soften the stain as it heats and steams. You can pick at the paint stain with a pin or needle to try and break it up.
To remove dried oil paint you’ll need a small amount of rubbing alcohol or paint thinner on a clean cloth to gently rub against the spill. Then you can use a soapy detergent and water mix to blot away the glossy paint until the stain has gone.
As a last resort, you could trim the tips of the carpet fibres with scissors to remove the paint bearing in mind if you snip away too much carpet it will make the spot look bare.

When you need help…
Professional carpet cleaning is the way to go if you can’t get rid of the paint stains and your carpet needs that extra expert care. You’ll get a visit from a qualified and experienced carpet cleaning technician with all the stain removing solutions needed to carry out the job. Highly effective technologies will ensure that any paint stains will be removed, leaving your carpet spotless and smelling fresh.

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