How Long Should I Wait To Move Furniture After Cleaning A Carpet?

Moving the furniture to clean your carpet will give you access to all areas that won’t have been cleaned for a while! An empty room is easier to clean, but if this isn’t practical you can move furniture and clean the space as you go. Get answers to some frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning and drying times here…

How will carpets be professionally cleaned?

Professional carpet cleaners will assess your carpets to ensure the correct cleaning method is chosen. This will be either a hot water extraction method that injects a solution deep into the carpet fibres, agitates the dust and grime, and removes it with powerful suction, or a dry-cleaning option available for delicate fabrics that may react to cleaning with water. Both techniques are eco-friendly and safe for families and pets.
Pre-treatment with stain removal products will deal with severe spillages and eliminate stains from wine, coffee, grease and oil, and pet accidents.
Rarely brown spots can appear on carpets following the hot water extraction process – this is called wicking and is the reappearance of old stains that have been lying dormant under the backing. Browning spots occur when there is high alkalinity in the carpet, and these issues are simply resolved with additional treatments.

How long does the carpet take to dry?

You should work on the assumption that your carpet is going to take six to ten hours to dry completely. However, this maximum time limit will depend on many factors which can reduce drying times such as:

  • – Ventilating the room – opening doors and windows will speed up the process
  • – Using fans designed explicitly for blowing heavy air – your carpet cleaning specialist will have access to these
  • – Increasing the heat in your home – turning up the thermostat will help carpets dry faster
  • – The type of carpet cleaning performed – dry cleaning and hot water extraction methods will both use less water

A wet carpet poses the potential risk of blemishing or staining wood and creating rust where furniture is placed directly on it. Fibres can be dented and mould and mildew may quickly result in unpleasant smells. When walking on damp carpet onto hardwood flooring or tiles there’s a danger of slipping hazards.

How long should I wait to move furniture after cleaning a carpet?

If you start putting your furniture back when it’s still damp you run the risk of forcing dirt particles back into the carpet fibres – defeating the purpose of cleaning the carpets in the first place! The recommended time for ensuring the carpet is completely dry is 24 hours – but this may vary according to cleaning methods used.
Furniture that has legs, like chairs and sofas can be placed on small pieces of plastic before moving them back onto the cleaned carpet, and you can use styrofoam blocks underneath ottomans and other items that go directly onto the floor. As soon as the carpets are completely dry you should take these off.
The average time for a freshly cleaned carpet to dry is six to ten hours, but waiting 24 hours will ensure that the carpet is completely dry.

Can carpets be cleaned without moving furniture?

A professional carpet steam cleaner will know how to work around bulky furniture pieces like sofas, bookcases, and beds and you can help with any preparation if the carpet cleaning is to be carried out without moving the furniture. You should try to:

  • * Check under and behind furniture and pick up any items that can easily be removed
  • * Dust all furniture
  • * Vacuum your carpets using the hose attachment to reach into awkward spaces
  • * Point out any specific areas of concern to your technician during his pre-inspection

Your experienced carpet cleaner will place waterproof protectors beneath the legs of furniture to ensure that the legs and the surrounding carpeted area will be kept dry.

When can cleaned carpets be walked on?

After the carpet cleaning process, you should only walk on the cleaned areas if absolutely necessary. After approximately six hours the carpet may be dry enough to walk on – you may be given overshoe covers to wear by your carpet cleaner, otherwise, wear clean socks and tread lightly.

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