How To Maintain Your Neat Office – Tricks And Tips

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Surveys have shown that clean and organised work spaces increase productivity and promote a positive atmosphere – reflecting on your office culture and work ethic. Keeping high traffic areas clear and clean is essential for both health and safety. Office cleaning is a task that when carried out on a regular basis creates an environment of enthusiasm and confidence. Take a look at how to maintain your neat office – tricks and tips here…

Create a schedule

Making a rota for cleaning duties is a great way to ensure fair distribution – vacuuming once a day, changing the cleaner bags, and emptying the cannisters all make for a healthy and happy workplace. For hard floors utilise a brush to sweep and a mop to wipe over.

Make sure waste bins are emptied regularly and cleaned with anti-bacterial solutions, and desks are kept clean by individual employees. Use a soft cloth and spray cleaner to wipe down computers, monitors, keyboard, speakers, and the telephone.

Pay special attention to any rugs as you may need to adjust the height setting on the vacuum cleaner for a deep pile – make sure the edges don’t fray from getting stuck in the cleaner! If rugs get stained and need cleaning it’s worth getting in touch with technicians qualified to do the job quickly and effectively.

Keep things tidy

Put things on your desktop that are used on a daily basis – everything else can be neatly filed away or put into a drawer. Use a desk tidy to store pens and pencils – stacking files optimise space and keep pending documents tidy and accessible. Items that haven’t been used for a long time should be binned – and unnecessary paperwork shredded.
Get into a routine of checking mail on a daily basis and sort it all immediately. Try to avoid eating at your desk as this invites crumbs and food remnants to accumulate – if you have to eat at your station clean up afterwards every time. At the end of each week file completed work and leave outstanding work in the pending tray.

Use digital tools

Today’s technology is a real bonus in helping you to stay organised and clutter-free. Scanning documents will free your desk of paperwork – use this technique for receipts and invoices too. Software programmes for payroll systems, Cloud storage, and digital archiving can all be of benefit in the workplace. Tracking expenses and project management can help reduce the amount of paperwork and be kept for immediate access online.

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Have your floors professionally cleaned

Use a trusted service provider to have your carpets deep cleaned about twice a year – this’ll ensure that any dirt and grime will be successfully removed. Carpet fibres attract bacteria and dust mites – causing health issues for those with asthma. Allergens can trigger unpleasant reactions, so on top of vacuuming your carpets regularly invest in a thorough clean too.

Deep clean upholstery

Upholstery cleaning can also be carried out by a professional cleaning service – keep office chairs and furniture free from spots and stains with a hot water extraction procedure that removes pollutants, mites, and everyday dust and dirt from the fabric. All upholstery will be inspected and analysed to determine the most suitable cleaning solutions are chosen to get the job done.

Perfect Carpet Cleaning

When you need commercial carpet cleaning professionals look no further than Perfect Carpet Cleaning! You’ll be able to get a service at a time that causes minimum disruption to your working routine – and provides you with a healthier environment.
Advanced cleaning techniques ensure all dirt, grime, and smells are removed – refreshing carpets and increasing their life span. Anti-static odour control and low moisture processes are a feature of the commercial carpet cleaning alongside stain removal. You‘ll be able to book your service on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep your office looking immaculate.