How To Sanitize Carpet For Baby

Carpets add warmth and comfort to your rooms and make the ideal crawling space for babies. However, they also provide the perfect environment for allergens and dust mites to hide which can potentially cause health risks for your baby.
Carpet cleaning when babies are around is different to before! You won’t be able to use cleaning solutions that contain chemicals, or leave carpets wet after cleaning – this will cause mould and mildew to breed which are also harmful to your child.
If you use dry shampoos, powders, or foams they tend to stick to carpet fibres and leave a residue that can be inhaled and irritate airways. Carpet shampoo residue can be ingested if it gets stuck on your baby’s hands.
Need some baby-safe carpet cleaning tips? See how to sanitize carpet for baby here…

Baby carpet cleaning

Look after your carpets
The best option here is to avoid your carpets getting dirty by taking preventive steps. You can place mats by entrances inside and out and suggest that shoes are taken off at the door. A bristle mat put outside doorways can be used to scrub the dirt off footwear so that it’s not bought inside. Wearing slippers indoors is also a really good idea.
Regular vacuuming will also help to maintain your carpet. You can purchase HEPA filters which are extremely effective in eliminating dust mites and contaminants trapped in carpet fibres. You can use attachments to reach under furniture and get into awkward nooks and crannies.
If you have pets make sure that when they come inside you brush off excess fur which may be host to fleas, ticks, or other germs. And dry wet fur as when damp pets lie on your carpet this has the potential of creating mould and mildew that can harm your baby. Train your pets not to go on furniture and create a place for them to rest which avoids direct contact with your carpets.
Encouraging youngsters not to run around with food in their hands can help tremendously.

Treat stains quickly
When accidents happen, you need to deal with the spill as soon as possible. Dab the stain with paper towels, a clean cloth, or a sponge. Blotting is key as rubbing just spreads the stain deeper into your carpet fibres.
Blot from the outside in, trying not to soak the carpet as you proceed with re-wetting the spot with water. Pet accidents benefit from the addition of an enzyme cleaner which removes the smell and prevents pets from urinating in the same spot again.
Remember that a damp carpet is prone to mildew and mould so dry the carpet as soon as you can. Ventilating the room by opening windows will speed up the process, as will using a fan.

Make your own free-from chemical cleaners
If you’re buying carpet cleaners for your baby’s room you need to examine the labels. Avoid any that use terms including highly combustible, hazardous to health, corrosive, or irritating. Many modern carpet cleaners are actually designed to be baby-safe.
However, you can make a stain remover that works just as well as a chemical alternative. Simply mix two tablespoons of salt dissolved in half a cup of white vinegar – apply it to the stain and let it dry. Then finish off by vacuuming.
Alternatively, you can sprinkle baking soda over greasy stains letting it sit for around six hours before vacuuming thoroughly. If you stick to home cleaning solutions, you’ll avoid your baby coming into contact with any harmful chemicals.

Call in the professionals

Make sure that your carpet cleaning experts have measures to safeguard your baby. These include a low-moisture process that’s chemical-free without phosphates or detergents.
A steam cleaner service provided by trusted and qualified cleaners will ensure that the cleaning solutions used are perfectly safe for your baby, you, and your pets. Powerful equipment will give a uniquely high quality of cleaning with effective technologies and methods that remove stains and odours.
The hot water extraction machine used by carpet cleaning specialists will inject extremely hot water and cleaning solution mix deep into the carpet fibres. After agitating the embedded dust and grime the dirty water and waste remnants will be powerfully sucked from your carpet leaving it almost dry.
Enlisting carpet cleaning services from professionals will give you clean, fresh, and allergen-free carpets throughout – making your entire home safe for your family.