How To Remove Dried Red Wine From Carpet

red wine

Keeping your carpets clean is known to be good for your health. When carpets are properly sanitised there’s little chance of dust and allergens finding their way into the air where they can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Regular cleaning actually extends the life of your carpet. And enhances your living space.

But accidents do happen. Liquids spilt onto the carpet can immediately cause unsightly stains. And leaving them will only cause the spillage to set. There are many solutions for how to remove dried red wine from a carpet. Take a look…

Get Stain Removal Savvy

If you have been unable to remove red wine from carpet quickly by blotting it up right away, you’ll need to resort to alternative methods. A dried red wine stain can be treated with:


Add one tablespoon of washing up liquid and white vinegar into a bowl with two cups of warm water. Mix well. Then soak a clean cloth and dab all over the stain to loosen it. With a dry cloth blot up any excess liquid, alternating between the two operations. Then pour cold water onto the stain blotting with a dry cloth.

Baking soda

baking soda

There are two methods to choose from – pour a little water onto the dry stain and blot with paper towels. Then add a small amount of baking soda. You’ll see the stain change from red to pale grey. Leave overnight. Dab with a clean cloth and a little vinegar. Then vacuum.

Or you can make a watery paste with the baking soda before spreading over the stained area. Cover with a clean cloth overnight, putting a weight on top to push the baking soda deep into the stain. Once dry vacuum up the powdery residue.

White wine

This is a really simple way to reduce the red wine stain. Just pour a little wine directly onto the stain and blot with a clean cloth. For the best results pour then dab. It’s quick and easy. And produces great results on dry stains.

Supermarket stain removers

Perfect for red wine stains are fabric stain removers that you can buy from your local supermarket. Be aware that some products do contain harsh chemicals. And you need to do a patch test on your carpet to ensure no colour fade. Use powders or sprays as per manufacturer’s instructions. Supermarket own brands can be just as effective as the more expensive ranges.

Friendly carpet cleaners

For a more natural approach try a clean dry carpet cleaner. You brush into the area to absorb the stain – but it can require several applications for old stains. A simple to use solution comes in the form of a carpet shampoo that you leave to soak into the stained area then blot until the stain is gone. Eco-friendly floor soaps can be poured directly onto the stain and gently blotted to effectively lift the dry stain.

Red wine stain removers

There are products available that are specifically designed to remove red wine stains. However, although they are quick and easy to use the results on old stains are not always the best. Most options can be used on all carpet types without any harsh chemicals. But you may need multiple applications to fully remove the stain.

Stain Removal Specialists

If you just can’t get rid of that dried red wine, you’ll need to call in the experts. Professional carpet cleaners will use eco-friendly products to clean any marks. Pre-stain treatments will ensure that even deeply embedded stains will be completely removed. And powerful cleaning solutions will guarantee a carpet that looks and smells as new.