How To Get Sand Out Of Carpet

Understanding the structure of your carpet will help you to see what damage can be done when dirt and grime get left unattended. Your carpet is made by either tufting with a primary and secondary backing fabric, weaving in a variety of patterns and textures, or sculpturing with two sets of loops to produce a sculptured pattern.
When you get sand under the carpet after a day on the beach, for example, this can cause the individual grains to rub up against the carpet fibres, and as a result, your carpet looks increasingly dirty. This can also affect the structure of your carpet following any build-up and actually harm the carpet fabric.
See some helpful tips on how to get sand out of carpet here…

Do’s and don’ts

Don’t leave the sand for any length of time without trying to remove it. Not only is it gritty and uncomfortable to walk on but sand is tough, and sharp edges can destroy the tiny fibres that make up your carpet giving it a lifeless and dull look. As the carpet gets dirtier the sharp debris can even cut through these fibres.
The first thing you should do is to get a soft-bristled brush and brush the carpet to dislodge and agitate hidden particles of sand. A microfibre cloth will also attract the sand and help with the removal process.
Then you can vacuum your carpet thoroughly. This will immediately get rid of all the sand lying on the top. Vacuum in different directions with a low brush setting to get as close to the carpet as possible, going over the affected area two or three times.
Bear in mind that excess fine sand may block the filters on your vacuum cleaner if you don’t empty the bag, resulting in the sand being blown back into the air.
Alternatively, you can use a wet/dry vacuum which will effectively remove underlying sand. By following the manufacturer’s instructions you should be able to remove the sand from your carpets effectively.
Don’t be tempted to spray the carpet as making it wet will only cause the sand to soak deeper into the carpet fibres.
Do use indoor and outdoor mats by entrances and encourage visitors to wipe their shoes before coming in. Better still ask for shoes to be taken off! Remember that bacteria can be tracked through your home on footwear, and your carpet acts like a magnet collecting and hiding it all.

Professional carpet cleaning

Booking a deep carpet cleaning service will take all the worry about removing sand from your carpet away! Your carpet cleaning expert will be qualified and experienced, and bring the most powerful carpet cleaning equipment to get the job done.
To make sure that every bit of your carpet is professionally cleaned you can prepare the rooms needing attention before your carpet cleaners arrive. Clearing the space of light furniture, throws, and rugs will be a great help.
Highly effective technologies used by your cleaners will ensure that any stains will be removed. Substances that have caused the marks will be identified and analysed, and the most appropriate pre-stain treatment will be applied. By treating these stains prior to the deep carpet clean the best results will be achieved.
You can also request that stain prevention products are applied to your carpet to create an invisible barrier that stops future staining from becoming a permanent part of your carpet fibres.
Following this, a hot water extraction procedure will be carried out. This involves the use of an incredibly effective piece of equipment that injects a combination of hot water and cleaning solutions deep into the carpet fibres at high pressure. At the same time, the dust and dirt will be agitated and dislodged and sucked out of your carpet along with the excess moisture.
The benefits of this method are that your carpet won’t be damaged during the cleaning process, and no residues will be left behind. Hot water extraction also dries quickly, and with the use of eco-friendly solutions that help restore the condition of your carpets, you’ll achieve a fresh finish and actually help to prolong the lifespan of your carpet.
A professional-level clean at least once a year will guarantee that your carpets stay hygienically clean, providing you with a healthy and happy home environment.