How To Get Hair Dye Out Of Carpet

Dyeing your hair is a simple solution to changing your hair colour and can easily be done at home. Because dyes are chemicals it can be a bit of a concern if you accidentally spill them on your floor coverings!
There are several techniques you can use to remove the stain – see how to get hair dye out of carpet here…

How to remove hair dye from carpet

Be prepared
Bear in mind that permanent colouring can quickly bond to carpet fibres so you need to act fast. Collect all the tools needed to get the job done so you don’t have to keep going back and forth:

  • – Water
  • – Washing up liquid
  • – White vinegar
  • – Rubbing alcohol
  • – Ammonia
  • – Clean cloths
  • – Paper towels
  • – Sponge

For stubborn stains:

  • * Hair spray
  • * Astringent
  • * Baby shampoo
  • * Hydrogen peroxide
  • * Vinyl gloves

Cleaning techniques

Try one of the following four methods for the best results:
Remove any excess liquid by blotting with a clean cloth or paper towels.

First method
Mix a solution of two cups of warm water, a tablespoon of washing up liquid, and a tablespoon of white vinegar. Dab the solution onto the stain with a clean cloth. Don’t rub as this can spread the stain. After applying the mixture blot with a clean cloth to soak up the dye loosened by the mixture.
Sponge the affected area with warm water and blot dry again. Don’t over wet as this can lead to problems with your carpet going mouldy. Soak the water from the carpet with dry cloths. If remnants of the hair dye are still visible pour a little rubbing alcohol onto a clean cloth and blot the stain again.

Second method
Mix a solution of two cups of warm water, a teaspoon of washing up liquid, and a tablespoon of ammonia. Remember if you’re using this technique, you’ll need to open windows to keep the room ventilated – any fumes can be harmful.
Put on the protective gloves before you dab the solution onto the stain with a clean cloth. Wring the cloth out and re-apply until the entire surface is covered. Then you’ll need to let this sit for around 30 minutes. Set an alarm so that you can check on the progress, and keep the door closed so that your children or pets stay away.
After half an hour dab on more solution and let it sit for another five minutes. Finally sponge with cold water and blot with a clean cloth. Your carpet will probably take about 24 hours to completely dry but you can speed the drying process up by leaving the windows open or using a fan.

Third method
For stubborn dyes, hydrogen peroxide applied with an eyedropper is another option. You need to remember that this may strip your carpet of its colour so you need to be very careful and apply it only to the stain.
Allow 24 hours for the chemical to do its work – keeping children and pets away – and try not to touch the stain at all during this time. Then you can dab the area with a wet sponge to blot out the hydrogen peroxide and let the stain air dry.
Any discolouration can be re-coloured with a matching felt-tip fabric marker after testing on a piece of fabric to see the actual colour. You may need to re-apply more colour after 24 hours.

Fourth method
An old hair dye stain can be much harder to remove but it can often be done by using hair spray, astringent, and baby shampoo! Spray over the stain until it’s soaked – allowing the spray to penetrate into the carpet fibres. Leave for up to ten minutes.
Rinse the area with cold water before applying astringent onto the stain and allowing it to soak for a further ten minutes – rinse with cold water again. Dab a few drops of baby shampoo onto the area with a clean cloth and gently agitate until the stain dissolves. Finally, rinse and blot dry.

Get a free quote for professional carpet cleaning

Why not let a carpet cleaning specialist get hair dye from your carpet with effective technologies and advanced cleaning methods? Stain removal is all part of the service. Analysing the composition of the stain will allow your technician to select the most suitable solution and treat the stain before the main part of your clean begins. Your carpet will soon be clean and fresh once more – without any signs of hair dye.