How to Clean Upholstery Without a Machine

sofa stain removal

Every once in a while, your upholstery needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Whether because of accumulated stains or odours or just plain regular maintenance, it’s a good way of keeping your home environment clean, smelling fresh and free of stains. If you’re thinking that you don’t have a special machine for cleaning your upholstery or even a vacuum cleaner, don’t worry. There are a few other ways to deal with your sofa stain removal effectively and get rid of stains and odours while giving your living room a new, fresh look. Let’s get started.


How to clean upholstery by hand


Cleaning upholstery by hand is not as difficult or daunting as it may seem. You simply need to gather the required materials before you get started. Here are some of the different ways and steps you can approach the cleaning of your sofa or upholstery without a vacuum cleaner or a special machine.


  • Read the instructions


Before getting started, it’s always advisable to read the cleaning instructions on the label or tag of your sofa or upholstery. Some important guidelines to keep in mind and what they mean are the following:


  • W: clean using water
  • S: clean using a solvent or a dry-cleaning detergent
  • WS: clean using dry cleaning detergent or steam vacuum the material
  • X: clean using a steam vacuum only


Reading the instructions carefully and adhering to them will ensure your sofa or upholstery is cleaned appropriately without getting damaged and thereby voiding its warranty.


  • Cleaning with bicarbonate soda


If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can start by sprinkling bicarbonate soda on your couch and leaving the compound to absorb smells and stains for about 20 minutes. After this, you can use wet wipes or a dry cloth to remove the bicarbonate soda. Make sure there are no children or pets nearby when you do this so that they do not get exposed to the bicarbonate soda and its potentially harmful properties.


  • Cleaning with a liquid detergent and water solution


Another option you can try is to create a liquid detergent and water solution. Be sure to apply it to stains (whether new or old) and rub gently with a toothbrush, a brush with relatively hard bristles or a dry cloth in a circular motion. Be sure that you do not soak the fabric with too much of the solution as it will not only take longer to dry but could also lead to odour absorption. Once you are done, you can leave it to air dry, fan dry it or even take it outside in your yard but avoid placing it in direct sunlight or in a place that gets a lot of wind. This will help prevent the fabric from fading too quickly and looking damaged, worn and old.


  • Cleaning with vinegar and water


If you don’t have bicarbonate of soda or liquid detergent at home, the chances are that you’ll have some vinegar. Mix one tablespoon of vinegar to one litre of water to create the solution. Then, dip a clean cloth in the solution and wring it well so that it doesn’t drip or create a very wet surface. Next up, be sure to apply the cloth over the fabric or the stains in a gentle, circular motion, taking care not to rub too deeply. Every once in a while, dip the cloth back in the solution to get more of the cleaning properties on the cloth and subsequently on the sofa or upholstery. When you’re done, you can leave the sofa or upholstery to dry but avoid placing it outside in direct sunlight. Rather use a fan and leave it on overnight or open some windows and let the natural air flow dry the material.


Get in touch with the upholstery cleaning specialists


Getting rid of stains and odours on your furniture may seem like a daunting task to approach on your own. The last thing you want is to damage the fabric leaving you with an unsightly piece of furniture that takes away from the appearance of the room. However, after reading the instructions, you should be able to apply one of the solutions mentioned above to your sofa to get it clean. If you still feel uncertain of how to go about this, you can always contact the professionals at Perfect Carpet Cleaning for professional upholstery cleaning that will leave your living room spotless and odourless and make it once again one of the cosiest rooms in your home.