How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress

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Memory foam mattresses adapt to your shape and movement giving comfort, support, and relief from pressure. But over time your mattress will attract dust and dirt, as well as perspiration and allergens, making it a priority on your cleaning to-do list!
You may not know the best way to tackle this job so here are a few tips on how to clean a memory foam mattress…

How to clean mattress foam

Memory foam is a petroleum-based material so proper care is needed during the cleaning process. Follow the guidelines below to ensure you keep your mattress in tip-top condition throughout its lifespan:

Change your bed covers
The first step is to strip your bed of all linen and wash sheets and bedding on a hot wash. High temperatures will help to eliminate dust mites and bacteria and keep your mattress cleaner for longer.

When your mattress is clear you need to thoroughly vacuum the entire surface to remove hair, dead skin cells, dust, and dirt. Many memory foam mattresses have stitched covers that attract lint and other debris so you should use a small brush attachment to get into all these awkward-to-reach areas.

Spot clean stains
You can make up a cleaning solution by washing up liquid diluted with two parts of warm water to every part of the detergent and pour into a spray bottle. For light stains, this is the best solution.
For more stubborn stains mix ¾ of a cup of water with ¼ of white vinegar and lightly spray onto the stains without over wetting, as this can cause mold and mildew issues. Use a clean cloth or sponge making small circular motions to remove the stain, followed by wiping with a clean cloth to finish. Allow the area to dry.
If the stains are caused by pet urine or vomit you’ll need to spray more of the vinegar solution. As this will have more liquid you should use paper towels to absorb the excess and then cover the area in baking soda. This will help to deodorize whilst drawing the stain to the surface. When the area is dry any residue can be vacuumed off.
To help prevent future staining, investing in a mattress protector is a really good idea. It fits around the mattress protecting it from fluids but also allowing for breathability. This will help extend the lifespan of your mattress by many years.

The drying process is extremely important and can take hours. You can speed this up with a hairdryer on a low setting using a circular motion over the wet spots. Alternatively, you could position a fan over the damp areas and leave it for a few hours.
Open windows to make sure the room is well ventilated, or if the weather is dry and sunny you could take your mattress outside to dry naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my mattress?
Memory foam mattress cleaning should be carried out twice a year. In between, you should vacuum both sides of the mattress each time you change your bedding.

Can you wash memory foam?
If the cover of your memory foam mattress is removable and machine washable then you can wash it on a low setting with a gentle cycle.
It’s not advisable to soak memory foam with water as the infused gel can be altered which will ruin the memory of the foam.

Does my mattress need to be rotated?
Rotating your mattress helps to keep your bed comfortable and supportive as it promotes even wear, and you can do this after cleaning. There’s no need to flip your memory foam mattress as it’s layered for extra comfort.

Call in the professionals

If you’re concerned about cleaning deep into the fibers of your mattress why not consider getting a specialist mattress cleaner to do the job for you? A technique will be used without any harmful chemicals that eliminate any microscopic organisms and is safe for you and your family. After the cleaning process, even the thickest mattress will take no longer than eight hours to dry.


  1. – Vacuum your mattress each time you change the sheets
  2. – Rotate your mattress twice a year
  3. – Never use bleach or chemicals to clean your mattress
  4. – Consider using a memory mattress foam topper or mattress protector to help prevent staining
  5. – Invest in a professional mattress cleaning service annually