How To Clean A Suede Sofa

sofa cleaning

Suede is a type of leather finished with a soft, napped surface. The small raised fibres cover the outside of the skin. Giving it a warm and downy texture. And it’s easy to keep stain-free with a little knowledge. See how to clean a suede sofa here…


Treating your sofa with a protective spray designed for suede will help to stop spills from becoming more stubborn stains. The manufacturer’s manual will help you choose the most suitable spray. This could be water-based or a synthetic solvent.

Fumes may come from the spray so be sure to open the windows and keep the room well ventilated. You can wear a safety mask if you’re at all concerned. Work on a section of the sofa at a time, sweeping the spray evenly. Keep the can about eight inches away from the sofa to prevent running, or an uneven coat.

You may need to repeat the process two or three times for it to work properly. And remember that if the sofa is brand new applying fabric protector may affect the guarantee.

Cleaning Preparations

Before you start cleaning your leather sofa assemble all the items you need for your cleaning session. These include:

  • Suede furniture cleaner, napping brush, rubbing cloth, and eraser
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dry sponge

how to clean a suede sofa

Cleaning Methods

How to clean suede furniture yourself is straightforward if you follow the weekly guidelines:

  • Take off the cushions every week to vacuum up crumbs and debris, and eliminate pet hairs and dust
  • Wipe both sides of the cushions down with the suede brush
  • Check underneath the cushions to make sure you haven’t missed any dust
  • Rotate the cushions as you replace them for even wear
  • With the suede cleaning cloth rub down the sofa to keep the nap in good shape
  • Rubbing and brushing are ideal ways of how to clean a suede couch as this removes accumulated dust and refreshes the finish
  • Small circular brushing movements and criss-cross pattern methods ensure that any dirt and dust trapped in the nap are removed

Monthly cleaning

This is just an extension of the weekly clean. Using a criss-cross pattern of cleaning with a specialised upholstery attachment will free any debris within the folds of the fabric. Start with the sofa arms and work your way down to the legs.

To restore the nap of the sofa, use the suede rubbing cloth or napping brush. Repeat this process on all of the cushions and the sides. Rotate the cushions when you put them back as before, to even out the wear.


Removing Stains

Following dropped food or spilled drink accidents you can get the marks out with these stain removal tips:

Dry Stains

  • To get rid of any loose dirt gently brush the stain with a suede brush
  • With a suede eraser you may be able to completely remove the stain
  • If not gently rub the stain with a small piece of sandpaper – don’t scrub as this will cause damage
  • After the stain has gone bring the fabric back to life with a suede napping brush


  • Clean up wet stains as soon as possible to prevent stains from spreading
  • Blot the area gently to extract as much of the moisture as possible
  • Use a clean cloth moistened with suede cleaner and gently rub the area with small circular motions
  • After the area has dried polish with a suede cloth or napping brush


  • Leaving gently patted talcum powder on the stain overnight will absorb oils in the grease
  • The next day you can brush or vacuum the powder off
  • A suede eraser will get rid of any remaining traces of grease
  • Complete removal may require the process to be repeated


  • Warm soapy water with plenty of bubbles is the key
  • Use the foam and a clean sponge to gently rub the stain in small circular motions
  • Blot with a clean, soft cloth until the area is dry

Rather Call in The Professionals?

If you’re not confident in cleaning your suede sofa simply contact the experts. You’ll get a qualified and experienced upholstery cleaning technician. Using powerful equipment. And environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for children and pets too.

Stain removal will be a standard part of the service. Any stains will be identified, analysed, and the most suitable products will be used for complete elimination. And your suede sofa will soon be as new.