How To Clean a Mattress With Baking Soda And Vinegar

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Having clean mattresses is good for your health – bugs, mites, bacteria, and other microscopic organisms will happily live there if you let them! Regular cleaning is recommended especially for allergy patients – and you can do this yourself with basic mattress care and a few helpful hints and tips. How do I get stains out of my mattress? 

Looking After Your Mattress

Take a look at these essential tips to minimise odours and keep the dust mites away:
• About once a month vacuum both sides of your mattress – this helps to get rid of dust and dust mites which can cause allergic reactions and irritation
• Every few months air your mattress by placing it outside in the sun – this stops moisture producing mould and prevents unpleasant smells
• When changing sheets and bedding open the windows to let in fresh air – and leave the mattress uncovered for a few minutes to let it breathe
• Remember to rotate your mattress at least four times a year to keep it strong – and flip it at the same time

Removing Stains

Tackling the stain immediately will help – but don’t use too much liquid. Dab as much of the spillage as you can with a cloth or sponge – wiping or scrubbing will just spread the stain. For simple stains, you can use a citrus cleaner or diluted washing up liquid – spray the cleanser and leave it for five to ten minutes and blot off repeatedly to remove excess liquid.

Bleach will remove blood or urine stains – blot the stained area with a clean cloth after application. Alternatively put a small amount of laundry detergent directly onto the stain which helps to break up proteins in bodily fluids. Brush vigorously – remember that blood stains need to be cleaned with cold water as hot water will simply set the stain. Leave the mattress to dry before using it again – and spritz with deodorising spray to get rid of any nasty smells.

Cleaning a mattress with bicarbonate of soda following a detergent is particularly effective for stubborn stains. Let the soda set – preferably overnight and then vacuum the next day. How to clean a mattress with baking soda and vinegar is quite easy – as baking soda is a cheap and natural deodoriser. Just sprinkling the mattress with the baking soda and leaving it to settle will instantly make it smell fresher. Adding vinegar to the mix makes for a stain remover for all sorts of mystery mattress stains.

Professional Mattress Cleaning

In an ideal world, you should get your mattresses cleaned at least once a year – trained technicians from Perfect Carpet Cleaning will do this for you. Steam extraction systems will be used to deep clean and destroy all kinds of bacteria without the need for harmful solutions. Your mattresses will be slightly damp after the cleaning procedure and will dry within eight hours – depending on the fabric of the mattress you have. You’ll get a professional service at an affordable rate with eco- friendly products and satisfaction guaranteed.