How To Clean A Hot Tub

House Exterior with swimming pool and hot tub

Hot tubs can help with soothing sore joints. And minor aches and pains. The buoyancy eases muscle tension and soreness. And the jets provide therapeutic massage. There are so many benefits. And monthly energy costs are lower than you might expect.

So, you’ve decided a hot tub would be a great addition to your outdoor space. They tend to be self-contained so you don’t need a plumber to install one. With planning and preparation, you’ll be able to assemble the tub and connect the electricity. Now all you need to know is how to clean a hot tub! Read on…

A Step-by-Step Guide


Cleaning out the pipes and equipment before draining with appropriate recommended cleaning solutions should be carried out about regularly. This process is called flushing the lines which remove mould and bacteria. And prevents contaminating the new water.

Turn off the power at the hot tub and the circuit breaker. This ensures any damage to the pump and filter mechanism when the water supply is limited. Then you can safely drain the hot tub following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Formulated hot tub cleaners are specifically designed to cut through the dirt as you apply them. They are free from abrasive particles that can scratch the hot tub surface. Moisten the hot tub using a hose. Then you can clean with a soft cloth or sponge. Remember that harsh chemical should never be used as they can damage the acrylic surface.

Following the cleaning process, you should rinse again – using the hose is ideal. Then wipe down with an old towel ensuring you remove all of the cleaners. Any residues will affect the chemical balances, create an environment for mould and bacteria to flourish. And make the fresh water murky.

Don’t forget to clean the hot tub cover on a monthly basis too.


Removing the filter is straightforward – simply follow the manufacturer’s guide. Once you’ve taken the filter out wipe down the inside of the cabinet with the tub cleaner.

Filters should be cleaned every four to six weeks with a garden hose. Or by running the filter through a dishwasher cycle. Soaking for an hour or so in an oil-cutting solution is another option. And disinfecting in a chlorine solution will break up any remaining grime following the oil soak. Don’t brush the filters as this can cause the dirt to penetrate. Reinstall filters as instructed.

Skimmer Baskets

Every couple of weeks you’ll need to turn off your hot tub to remove the skimmer basket and get rid of any debris.

Home Remedies

White vinegar is widely used in cleaning. It’s extremely effective as the acetic acid solution doesn’t contain any chemical products. This means it’s safe for families and pets. And is a natural cleanser and deodoriser – perfect for hot tubs. See how to clean a hot tub with vinegar here…

  • Pour 4.5 litres of white distilled vinegar into the hot tub
  • Allow a couple of hours for soaking and running through
  • Wipe the sides of the hot tub with undiluted vinegar on a soft cloth
  • After five minutes rinse with warm water
  • To maintain repeat this process every six months – spot cleaning regularly in-between

For More Thorough Cleaning

How to clean a used hot tub is quite straightforward too. You can mix a chlorine solution with a ¼ of a teaspoon of dichloromethane with 19 litres of water.

This organic solvent has a great ability to dissolve compounds – so will clean your hot tub quickly and effectively. Don’t forget to wear gloves as it can cause skin irritation.


Once your maintenance and cleaning regime is complete you can run the water through the filters and into the reservoir. Turn on the power. And turn off the air valves as you treat the hot tub water. This will be with a recommended combination of a shock agent, sanitiser, and a PH balancer.