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How To Clean A Baby Mattress

Choosing the perfect baby crib mattress is really important as your baby will spend most of early days there. The mattress needs to be supportive and safe, preferably with a waterproof layer that protects from spills. And comfortable foam and springs that adapt to growth, as your baby becomes a toddler.
Special fabrics should be super-soft and breathable, encouraging air-flow, and anti-bacterial treatments can keep allergens and bugs away. But even new mattresses can come with potential risks – you need to be aware of any chemicals that may be toxic and manufacturing defects.
Once your baby is happily sleeping on the mattress of your choice you should know just how to keep it clean! It isn’t overly complicated but it needs to be done right to protect your baby ongoing. See how to clean a baby mattress here…

Before you start

There are many ways that your baby mattress can become dirty – from leaky nappies to dribble and sick. General household dust, crumbs from biscuits, pet hair, and dust mites are all attracted to your baby’s sleeping space.
Preparation is the key when understanding how to clean a crib mattress. Get all the baby mattress cleaning tools together and then you’ll be ready to start and finish in one session. You’ll need:

The cleaning processes

Remove the mattress from the crib and shake to get rid of any obvious debris. Then vacuum the mattress thoroughly using the brush and crevice tool attachments to reach into any awkward areas. Turn the mattress over and repeat, concentrating on creases and seams.
Mix a solution of five cups of warm water to a tablespoon of laundry detergent and use this to gently scrub the mattress to prevent damage to the fibres. Don’t over wet as this will extend the drying time, and can encourage mould.
With clean warm water, rinse all mattress surfaces by using a damp, clean cloth and regularly wringing it out – any excess moisture should go back into the bucket. Make sure that all the detergent residue is removed as this can irritate baby skin.
Remove stains
This can be done with a homemade remedy of white vinegar, lemon juice and water. Pour the solution into the spray bottle and apply it onto the mattress. Spread small amounts of baking soda onto stubborn stains and allow this to sit for about half an hour. When the mattress feels dry vacuum thoroughly.
Empty the spray bottle and add rubbing alcohol and spray both sides of the mattress. This acts as a disinfectant to protect from infections, and will simply evaporate.
If the weather permits take the mattress outside to air dry in the sun. If this isn’t possible you can use paper towels or clean bathroom towels to absorb as much of the excess moisture as possible. To speed up the process you could use a portable electric fan or even a hairdryer for small damp patches.
Don’t be tempted to put the mattress back into the crib until it’s completely dry. Damp can lead to mould and mildew and can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Ongoing protection for your baby mattress

There are a couple of ways that you can help prevent your baby mattress from becoming contaminated following your clean. Quilted mattress pads that are covered in a waterproof material and contain hypoallergenic materials protect from spillage and reduce allergic reactions. Opt for machine-washable styles.
Crib mattress covers hold the mattress inside also offering protection from accidents. There are many styles to choose from that are machine washable and can be tumble dried.

Call in the experts

If you’re at all concerned about cleaning your baby mattress properly why not consider booking a professional mattress cleaning service? An experienced technician will bring all the necessary tools and cleaning solutions needed to get the job done.
A hot water extraction technique will be used that eliminates unwanted microscopic organisms from deep within the mattress fibres. There are no harmful chemicals involved, and the extraction process leaves little excess moisture behind so your baby mattress will dry quickly.
Having your baby mattress professional cleaned twice annually will ensure it stays hygienically clean and lasts for many years.

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