How Often Should I Strip and Re-wax My Tile Floors?

tile scrubbing with a brush

There is an abundance of homes and commercial properties which have tiled floors. Tiles come in many shapes, sizes, forms and they are made of different materials. And indeed, they can provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance and are also versatile in terms of longevity. If maintained properly, your tile floors will last you for many years to come. However, what you may not know is how to perform this maintenance process and also how frequently. To help you get a better idea, we’ve prepared this article that answers some of the most pressing questions related to stripping and waxing tile floors. Let’s begin.

What is stripping and waxing?

Before delving into the benefits of stripping and waxing your tile floors, you first need to be aware of what these terms mean. Waxing refers to the process of applying a wax to the tile with a special machine that seals in the wax, creating a level of protection for the tile. Meanwhile, stripping is the process of removing older wax layers before re-waxing and buffing the tiles to a good shine.

Benefits of stripping and waxing your tile floors

By waxing your floor tiles on a relatively regular basis, you can enjoy some of the following benefits:

  • -Improved, glossy appearance
  • -Reinforces the quality of the flooring
  • -Prolongs the floor’s life by protecting it from scratches, spills, and stains
  • -It also creates a slip, water and stain resistant surface, protecting those walking on it.

The scrubbing, stripping and waxing process explained

There are several ways you can scrub, strip and wax your tile floors. And the approach will generally depend on the type of tile you have. Ceramic tiles are more common although there are numerous other tile types that you should consider first. As for the frequency of the waxing process, you need to scrub and wax them every five to six months or strip and wax every 12 to 18 months to ensure that they maintain their lustre, gloss and shine, improving their appearance and functionality overall. With this in mind, you need to consider the fact that you can either scrub and wax or strip and wax your tile floors as part of the waxing process. We explore each one in more detail below.

Scrub and wax

A scrub and wax cleaning process is an important part of cleaning waxed floors. It’s generally performed when your tile floor has lost its shine and appears dull in some places. You can use a specialised machine to first remove one or two layers of wax, thus preparing the floor for the application of new layers of wax. Remember that with waxing, you need to apply one coat and follow this with a second or third coat to get that shiny finish. This is a less intensive floor treatment process.

Strip and wax

Stripping and waxing on the other hand involve the complete removal of the old wax from your tile floor using specialised equipment. During this process, every layer of wax is removed completely only to be replaced by brand new layers of wax. If you don’t have specialised equipment to help you remove all the wax layers from your tile floor, you can use a homemade solution of half a cup white vinegar and one gallon of warm water, even though this process will be more time consuming.

Remember not to use rough or hard bristle brushes or cloths to get rid of the old layers of wax because this can cause scratches on the tile surface and lead to more damage later on. Once you’ve prepared the vinegar/water solution, you need to apply it to your floor using a soft or stripping mop in circular motions. When the wax layers have been removed, clean the floor once again with clean water to get rid of the solution. Once it’s dry, you can then add the wax and buff it into the tiles.

In conclusion

Ideally, you should use specialised equipment to ensure your floors are accurately scrubbed, stripped and waxed. But if you don’t have access to this, don’t worry. You can always reach out to us for our floor waxing services to ensure your tiles look glossy once again and maintain their lustre. Our stain removal services are something you might consider in conjunction with your floor waxing as there may be cases where you have stained tiles or other fabric such as carpets that may need more specialised attention.