How Much Does it Cost to Professionally Clean a Sofa

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Whether it’s a large unsightly stain, or a general accumulation of dirt and grime, there’s no doubt that a professional cleaner will be able to do a better job cleaning your divan than you can. They have access to better tools, professional grades of detergents and the experience and skill to choose the best approach to any cleaning challenge. So, how much does it cost to professionally clean a sofa? Are there ways to bring the cost down? And most importantly….is it worth it?

Costs to Clean a Sofa

If you look online you’re likely to find prices ranging from around, £40 upwards. There are a few things that will influence this rate. Sofas with lots of loose, double-sided cushions take longer to clean than those with single-sided, fixed cushions, so they cost more. You’ll pay less for a small armchair than you would for a larger four or five seater couch. Hot water extraction is less expensive than dry cleaning processes, adding stain protection into your treatment will cost you extra. Overall, the average cost to clean a sofa is likely to come in at somewhere around £50 – £70, more if your sofa is exceptionally large or covered with a particularly delicate material.

Are There Ways to Bring Down the Price?

Yes, is the simple answer to this. Many companies will offer discounts at quieter times of the year, cleaners would rather be working for a little less money than not working at all. The flip side of this is that if you want to spruce up the living room for the Christmas holidays you really don’t want to leave the work until the last minute. You probably won’t be charged a premium, but you may not be able to get a service at all.

Another way to bring down the costs is to combine your sofa cleaning services with something else, carpet, curtain cleaning or other upholstery cleaning are the obvious choices but some companies may even offer to combine your sofa cleansing with something else they offer.

Beware the call-out charge

Most firms have a minimum cost just to come to your home. Call-out charges cover travel expenses and the time it takes your cleaner to get to you in the first place. Booking a combined service may win you an outright discount, but equally importantly it will ensure that the value of the work you’re getting done exceeds the basic call-out charge.

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Get a personalised quote

You should always get an individualised quote before you book any work because the online prices you’ll see can only be guidelines. When you request a quote it’s important to give the best description you can of what needs to be done, so that the price you’re given is accurate. This is also your chance to ask about any packages and offers that are available and even to see if you can bargain a bit!

Is Professional Sofa Cleaning Worth the Cost?

Generally speaking yes, though there are a few instances when it might not be. If your old sofa is uncomfortable because springs are worn or webbing has sagged, or if the fabric is badly damaged you might do better to bite the bullet and buy a new chair. Some stains really can’t be removed, especially if they’ve been allowed to stand and have penetrated deeply into the material. In most cases, however, you’ll find that correct deep cleansing refreshes fabrics, revitalises colours and brings new life to tired looking upholstery. And all for a fraction of the cost of buying a new piece.