How Does A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work?

robot vacuum cleaner

Current technology has bought the development of robotics. And this includes robot vacuums that can completely revolutionise the way we clean our properties. With intelligent programming systems and acoustic sensors that seek out the dirtiest areas to clean, all you need to do is sit back and relax! How does a robot vacuum cleaner work? Take a look…

Navigation Techniques

There are basically two methods that a robot vacuum finds its way around. The first is the use of sensors. Allowing the robot to detect obstacles, measure travel distance, and find new areas to cover. These sensors then trigger behaviour programmed into the robot for a response. Common sensors include:

Obstacle – sensors located near the shock-absorbing bumpers let the robot steer through without slowing. If the bumper touches an object it’ll determine the correct route to avoid further contact

Wall – with the aid of infrared lights these sensors detect the walls enabling cleaning to take place along the edges without scuffing

Cliff – these are a safety requirement on all robot vacuums to avoid stair accidents. The sensors measure the distance to the floor and calculate a change in direction accordingly

Wheel – Light sensors measure wheel rotation and combine this with wheel circumference for accurate travel calculations

The second method of self-navigation is mapping. An onboard digital camera may be used to take images of walls, furniture, and doorways. Or a laser range finder may be employed. This measures the distance to objects in the robot vacuum’s path.

In both cases collected data in conjunction with sensor information allows the build-up of a map of the room for initial cleaning. The robot can then plan the most efficient and effective route to clean.

how does a robot vacuum cleaner work

Features and Functions

Do robot vacuums work? They can be a great addition to home cleaning. Particularly as they don’t take up much storage space. And the latest models offer:

  • Lithium ion batteries – giving optimum running and recharge times
  • Intelligent navigation systems – constantly improving efficiency with every clean
  • HEPA filtration – ensuring dust particles are fully captures and not re-released into the air
  • Easily accessible replacement parts – from brushes to batteries and wheels
  • Spot cleaning – central spinning produces focused cleaning in targeted areas
  • Zig-zag cleaning – cleaning more thoroughly in maximum traffic sections
  • Pre-set scheduling functions – enabling the robot to clean whilst you’re not home
  • Wi-fi App control – use your smart phone or tablet to command the robot
  • Self-recharge – the robot vacuum will return to the charging dock before it runs out of power

Identifying Cleaning Power

Better cleaning performances are obtained from higher suction. This is provided by reliable and powerful motors. Driving the rolling brush to spin at high speed.

Zoning mapped cleaning navigation is the key to optimising the complete cleaning system. Based on intelligent path planning rooms are zoned and mapped for cleaning. Without unnecessary repetition. Or any omissions.

Slim body robots give greater flexibility for cleaning into the base of furniture.

Possible Hitches

  • Minor issues may occasionally occur with your robot vacuum. These could include:
  • Camera mapping vacuums losing their way in dim environments
  • Floor-length mirrors interfering with laser signals
  • Filters and brushes needing regular replacement to maintain a health cleaning performance
  • Some robot vacuums may not be able to deal with an abundance of rooms so you’ll need to choose your model carefully

Value for Money

Are robot vacuums worth it? You can pay from £230 up to £700 for an iRobot model – world leading manufacturers of robot vacuum cleaners. The benefits include setting up your robot to clean your home every day of the week – saving you time and energy. With ultimate built-in motors you can leave the robot vacuum to clean on its own. And take the hassle out of this household chore!