How Do Carpet Cleaners Work Around Furniture?

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Experts recommend that to keep carpets hygienic and dirt-free you should have them professionally cleaned twice a year. By doing this you’ll remove deep-seated dust and grime. Ger rid of unpleasant smells. And increase the life of your carpets. So, how do carpet cleaners work around furniture? Take a look…

Be Carpet Cleaning Savvy

Research has shown that your health can be affected by dirty carpets. Asthma and other allergies can be caused by microscopic pests. Infested carpets can trigger itching and rashes. If bacteria are inhaled respiratory problems can be induced.

For the majority of carpets, hot water extraction methods work best. Injecting the solution deep into the carpet fibres to agitate and remove the dirt is fast. And regular deep cleaning this way gets rid of contaminants, bacteria, and dust mites.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect the cleaners to do?

Depending on the type of cleaning to be carried out the stages of professional dry carpet cleaning may include:

  • Pre-vacuuming to remove dirt and open carpet fibres
  • Applying stain removal solutions
  • Lifting dirt and stains to restore original carpet colours
  • Resetting the pile to promote faster drying times

Hot water extraction methods consist of:

  • A pre-spray cleaning solution application to dissolve particles
  • An injection under pressure of hot-water-soluble cleaning solutions deep into the fibres
  • An immediate powerful vacuum extraction phase

How should I get ready for a deep clean?

Your carpet cleaning technician will move furnitures such as chairs, small tables, and bedside cabinets. And this includes beds on wheels. You can help by:

  • Picking up any clutter from the areas of carpet to be cleaned
  • Removing rugs and mats
  • Getting rid of any dust on skirting boards
  • Moving any TVs or computers that have power cords and supply units
  • Emptying and moving bookcases

How long does a carpet take to dry?

After your carpets have been cleaned, they’ll be damp for a while. Following hot water extraction cleaning, you’ll need to wait from between four to six hours before walking on them. In an emergency put on a pair of clean, white socks or overshoe protectors before treading on the newly cleaned fabrics.

Some companies will offer a walk-on dry service that leaves your carpets without any smell. And you can walk on your carpets immediately.

How long after carpet cleaning to put the furniture back?

If the feet of your furniture has been protected with waterproof coverings you should leave them on for 24 hours. If you’ve moved furniture out of the room the same 24-hour period applies.

If you replace furniture too quickly it can crush the wet carpet fibres. And can cause furniture finishes to run into the carpet before it’s dry.

Care Tips for Between Cleans

To keep your carpets looking good after you’ve had a deep clean and before the next, you can:

  • Vacuum regularly – this keeps the carpet clean and helps carpets to last
  • Placemats by all doors – and encourage people to take off their shoes
  • Soak up spills immediately – blot with paper towels and use diluted washing up liquid to remove the worst before blotting again
  • Apply a treatment to help prevent future staining

Get Professional Help

When you need quick and effective carpet cleaning solutions simply search online for trusted domestic carpet cleaning services. You’ll get pre-spray treatments to get rid of any stains. And powerful cleaning products will be safe for children, pets, and the environment.

Check that your technician is trained and insured to work on your property. And that the most appropriate cleaning methods will be used for your type of carpets. Without using large amounts of liquid your carpets will dry quickly and soon look and smell as new!