How To Get Rid Of Glitter And Confetti On Your Carpet

Hosting special occasions can often leave you with carpet cleaning dilemmas! Glitter is trodden into your floor coverings from Halloween parties or Christmas get-togethers, and confetti that comes in multiple types can be challenging to clean up.
See how to get rid of glitter and confetti on your carpet here…

How to remove glitter from your carpet

Tiny particles of glitter can be difficult to see let alone remove. However, there are some tried and tested methods that you can use to get rid of the sparkles without damaging your carpet fibres.
You can wear rubber gloves to gently rub the affected areas to create static electricity and attract the glitter to the gloves before vacuuming your carpet with the upholstery brush attachment. Rubbing a balloon over the fibres will also have the same results!

Alternatively, you can use sticky tape wrapped around your hand with the sticky side facing outwards to gather up the glitter particles. Bear in mind that a carpet pile broom will help to fluff up the carpet before vacuuming preventing the glitter from being pushed further into the fibres.
For large quantities, a damp paper towel works! Dab the affected area and see the glitter cling to the paper. Repeat with fresh damp towels as often as you need to before vacuuming thoroughly. Don’t forget to dry the carpet afterward as wet areas will attract mould and mildew. Pre-treated dusting cloths can also attract glitter to moisture in the cloth to easily remove much of the excess.

Vacuuming the right way will also help. Go over the area from all different angles and expand your clean to about a metre away beyond the visible areas. Use attachments for the best results and remember to empty the vacuum outside to stop the glitter from re-settling. Glitter will often return after a while so continue with your vacuuming regime to get rid of any strays.

Steam cleaning is another option if you feel that you haven’t been completely successful. This will ensure a deeper and more effective cleaning with the help of a water-based cleaning solution. As the hot water is combined with chemicals it cleans more than just the surface of your carpet, so any glitter that has become embedded will be removed.

Easy cleanup confetti methods

Your first step is to remove excess confetti from your furniture, shelving, and tables with a feather duster and direct it all into one place on the floor. Depending on confetti types such as dried rose petals, rice, paper, or fabric, you may need to use a can of compressed air to blow the particles away.
Sweep up as much of the remnants that you can with a dustpan and brush which prevents your vacuum cleaner from becoming clogged. For confetti that has become securely attached try cutting lengths of sticky tape and making them into a loop that you can wear on your hand. Rotate the sticky side of the loop to attract the confetti.

A lint roller is also a suitable alternative as rolling across the carpet will pick up the confetti as you go. Then you can remove the filled strip before carrying on with a new one. If your confetti is metallic you may need to use a damp cloth to loosen the pieces from the carpet fibres.
Finally, you can vacuum using a low setting on your cleaner to ensure any remaining confetti doesn’t get blown away. Attach the nozzle to get into awkward areas on your furniture and under and behind items.

Need a carpet cleaning specialist?

If you don’t have the time or the tools to get your carpet perfectly clean simply get in touch with someone who does! Professionals from a trusted carpet cleaning company will provide expert care for all carpet types. Your qualified and experienced cleaner will have the expertise to get rid of your glitter and confetti using cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and your pets. Modern hot water extraction techniques ensure that your carpet is deep cleaned so that any stray particles of glitter or confetti will be effectively removed alongside other debris and dirty water. Your carpet will dry quickly following any treatments as large quantities of water simply aren’t required. And you won’t have to do a thing!