Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Carpet

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Carpet is an excellent choice for flooring as it’s comfortable and looks attractive. But it can also be a home for allergens, bacteria, and dust particles. Contaminants in carpeting may cause a wide range of health issues from asthma to other respiratory problems, as well as impeding the airflow in your home.
So how can you improve the look and condition of your carpet? Read on for tips to extend the life of your carpet…

Carpet care

Carpet maintenance is key to achieving a carpet that looks new, and it doesn’t have to take up much of your time if you keep to a regular schedule. Look at some guidelines that will help:

1 Vacuum at least twice a week
You should do this more often in high traffic areas and if you have pets. Daily vacuuming will get rid of dirt, hair, and dander. Regular vacuuming also helps eliminate invisible microscopic allergens, keeping your home clean and healthy. Frequent vacuuming also inhibits the build-up of dirt and dust into the backing of the carpet. A good vacuum cleaner needs to have plenty of suction to ensure that the debris is removed.

2 Take off outdoor shoes
Get into a routine of removing shoes as soon as you come into the house. A lot of dirt can be carried on the underside of outdoor footwear which can then be transferred onto the carpet. Any contaminations can be held within the fibres, promoting the growth of mould in damp areas.
Place a floor mat inside every entry to prevent dirt from reaching your carpet, and keep the paths leading to your door clean and tidy to cut down on the amount of dirt entering the house. A heavy-duty doormat placed outside the door will also help.

3 Treat stains immediately
Letting stains sit on the carpet will make them harder to remove when dry, and allows them to penetrate into the carpet fibres and eventually into the backing. Permanent acidic stains can actually eat away at the material and completely ruin patches of carpet.
Blot up excess liquid with paper towels and use a recommended carpet stain remover as instructed. Or use a tried and tested homemade remedy if you want to be chemical-free. Try and keep eating and drinking in the kitchen/dining areas to avoid any potential problems.

4 Move the furniture
Fixed furniture will create a build-up of dirt in a trail where there’s frequent traffic. The area of carpet where people always tread will wear down much faster than others.
Rearranging the furniture ensures that you walk around the room in a different route, decreasing foot traffic in the same places. Moving heavier furniture will avoid potentially fibre-damaging weight in the same spots.

5 Use a carpet stain protector
A carpet protectant will keep out dirt, oil, and water-based spills as it coats the fibre with a barrier to protect the carpet from inside out. Doing this following every carpet clean will make sure your carpet stays stain-free.

6 Invest in professional carpet cleaning
Your carpet will probably need a professional clean every year as this maintenance tip is the one that really makes your carpet last longer. A steam cleaning service will provide you with a deep clean of your carpet where technicians use hot water extraction methods to kill 99.9% of all germs. Powerful machines ensure the highest quality of cleaning and techniques are safe for children, pets, and the environment.

Carpet cleaning Enfield specialists have years of experience in carpet cleaning – you can use them for professional rug cleaning too. All styles of rugs can be cleaned – from a machine or handmade types to oriental and Persian varieties. The right solutions and techniques will be chosen to guarantee your rug will look clean and fresh.

If you’ve got carpeted areas in your workplace, you’ll be able to arrange a commercial carpet cleaning service – and get a free quote before any work begins. Part of your commercial carpet cleaning service will include anti-static control and a low moisture process, meaning you’ll be able to walk on your newly cleaned floors in just hours. Achieving a healthier working environment is what this service is all about.

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