Is Your Dirty Carpet Damaging Your Health?

It’s a known fact that you can become unwell from simply having dirty carpets in your home. So, keeping your carpets clean and well-maintained is really important. An unclean floor covering can cause a number of health risks, so is your dirty carpet damaging your health? Read on…

Avoid an unhealthy environment

You need to make sure that your home is as healthy as possible. Ensuring that it’s not your carpets that are making you sick is easy when you know what problems to look out for. See a list of health issues that may be caused or made worse by dirty carpets here:

A build-up of mould or an infestation of dust mites can aggravate any allergies that you or other family members may have. If you have frequent symptoms such as a runny nose or itchy eyes your carpet could be the culprit. Sneezing and skin irritations are two other results of bacteria held within your carpet fibres – eczema and athlete’s foot can also be triggered by dust mites in an unclean carpet.

Mental matters
Your mental health can also be affected by dirty carpets as the stress of dealing with infestations or caring for an unwell family member can cause great unhappiness. Protecting yourself against these issues by regular vacuuming and cleaning can help, providing you with a renewed sense of well-being.

Pet germs
If you’re a household with pets keeping your carpet clean will stop any diseases from urine and faeces. Smells that emit from resulting stains have an odour of ammonia and can cause lung and nose irritation, and the damp can increase the risk of mould growth. Pet waste is dangerous to babies and young children so need to be dealt with immediately. Fleas and ticks bought indoors by your pets can live in the carpet, and infestations will need to be professionally treated.

Respiratory issues
Dirty carpets are really bad news for people with respiratory problems as just walking on them can release dust particles into the air. Coughing or breathing difficulties are commonplace as airborne toxins affect vulnerable people more. Children who spend time playing on these carpeted areas tend to be more prone to being affected by toxic particles as they constantly put their hands in their mouths.

Stomach troubles
Diseases such as salmonella can be caught by young children eating off dirty carpets, causing cramps, stomach upsets, and fever. Damp carpets also produce a mould with mycotoxins that may also result in severe stomach infection and irritation. Bacteria can live for up to four weeks in carpeting, so cleaning regularly is a must.

Weakened immune system
When you live in a dirty environment your immune system has to work doubly hard to fight off germs and toxins. When these build up your immune system may become weakened and then you start to feel unwell. Babies who have yet to develop strong immunities will have an even greater risk of getting ill from germs within the carpet.

Carpet maintenance tips

Look at some guidelines to help maintain a healthy carpet:

  • – Take your shoes off at the door to avoid tracking dirt onto carpeted areas
  • – Place hard-wearing mats inside and outside main doors
  • – Vacuum regularly, particularly if you have pets
  • – Remove stains immediately to prevent any fibre damage
  • – Protect your carpets with stain prevention products that stop the stains from getting into the material
  • – Use a steam cleaning service at least once a year

Get a carpet cleaning specialist

Professional carpet cleaning in Enfield is a sure-fire way of ensuring your carpets are cleaned to the highest standards. An anti-viral deep clean will guarantee that 99.99% of all germs will safely be eradicated. A hot water extraction machine will be used to agitate all dust, dirt, and bacteria held deep within the carpet fibres, and the resulting debris and any excess water will be sucked out.
Professional rug cleaning can also be carried out by your carpet cleaning experts. The choice of solution and cleaning method will be made after your rugs have been assessed. No matter if you have a machine-made variety or a delicate oriental type, a rug cleaning option will be there for you.
Having your carpets regularly deep cleaned in this way will help to prevent any potential health risks.

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