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Daily Cleaning Schedule For Stay-At-Home Mum

Woman vacuuming while man play video game in living room at home

Woman vacuuming while man play video game in living room at home

Being a stay-at-home mum is a fulltime job. And can be hard work! Having a daily cleaning routine is the key to keeping on top of the housework. Saving you time and energy. Look at suggestions for a daily cleaning schedule here…

Cleaning Materials

It’s a really good idea to collect all your cleaning supplies together before you start. A hand-held cleaning caddy is ideal for you to pack. And carry round with you from room to room. Cleaning equipment includes:

  • Spray bottles of appropriate cleaning solutions or containing homemade cleaning mixes
  • Microfibre cloths that are really absorbent yet gentle on any type of surface
  • A scrubbing brush
  • A squeegee for windows
  • A mop for hard floors
  • Feather duster with long handle
  • Hand-held vacuum accessory
  • Vacuum cleaner

Daily Cleaning Schedule for Stay-at-Home Mum

Making a list will really help. Either fix it to a kitchen appliance with a magnet for easy reference. Or use a mini chalkboard to record jobs and erase them as you go. Whiteboards are inexpensive to buy. And you can write on and wipe off as you wish. You’ll soon get into a routine and then you won’t need one at all!

Each day concentrate on making the beds as this keeps the room looking neat and tidy. Wipe down bathroom and kitchen counters. And put in a load of washing. Vacuum all through.

Tidy up as you go. And make a point of actually de-cluttering one room at a time. Focus on recycling, donating to charity, or disposing of unusable items. You’ll get a feel-good factor as well as keeping mess to a minimum.

A Detailed Guide to Cleaning Each Room

Your home cleaning schedule is easier to carry out if you break it down room by room:


Make the beds as soon as you get up. Open the curtains and wipe off any night time window condensation that can make the frames mouldy. Pick up any clean items of clothing and put away. Dirty garments need to go in the laundry basket. Dust cabinet tops and vacuum the cleared floor.


When the bathroom has been used by everyone start by wiping down the basin. And spray the shower with cleaning product before drying with a microfibre cloth. Clean the mirror.

Disinfect under the toilet rim with an appropriate cleaning solution. Then wipe down the outer bowl and toilet seat and lid. Don’t re-use this cloth to avoid spreading bacteria and other germs. Finally, vacuum carpet or mop hard flooring.


Wash up and put dishes away. Wipe down counter tops and cupboard doors with disinfectant wipes. Clean the sink. Empty the waste and food recycling bins. Sweep or mop the hard floor. And swap dirty tea towels for clean, fresh ones.

Living room

Pick up any items that aren’t where they should be and put away. Fluff up and straighten cushions on sofa and chairs. Use a feather duster to flick around the walls and windows. Wipe tabletops as necessary. Vacuum the carpet to finish.

Weekly and Monthly Extras

There’s really no need to do some cleaning chores every day. You can do some jobs on a weekly basis such as cleaning the microwave and the oven. And you can clear the fridge of out of date food. Monthly jobs could include cleaning the floors and carpets. And the windows.

When you need that extra help with cleaning your carpets simply call in the professionals. You’ll get an experienced technician using modern cleaning equipment. And eco-friendly solutions that are safe for your family and pets. All stains and dirt will quickly be removed. And your carpets will look and smell as new. The perfect finish to all your cleaning efforts.

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