Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Measures and Cleaning Service

The world is facing a new challenge – Covid-19 and everyone is scared. We all need to stay calm and take the experts’ advice seriously. The World Health Organisation suggests staying at home, washing hands regularly, avoiding close contact with people who feel unwell and last but not least cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces as a safety precaution. It includes sanitization of the upholstery, mattress, carpets/rugs, kitchen and bathroom floor, etc.

Perfect Carpet Cleaning is a small family business, and you can rely on us in a situation like this. Your carpet cleaner Velko takes all the necessary safety precautions when visiting our customers’ homes. His number one priority is to provide you with personalized service with attention to detail.

Perfect Carpet Cleaning uses the hot water extraction cleaning method also known as steam cleaning. It is a combination of hot water (from 50 to 120°) and a cleaning agent which not only kills microscopic organisms such as bacteria, dust mites, germs but dissolves dirt and eliminates unpleasant odors. We use only professional cleaning products supplied by the market-leaders. They’re safe for pets and children– as well as being impressively effective.

If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to call us on +447588629756 or send us an email You can also click the link to check the government advice.

Stay safe in your perfectly clean home.