Should I Clean My Carpets Before Or After The Holidays?

Should I clean my carpets before or after the holidays? You may think that the answer to this frequently asked question is after – spilт drinks, dropped food, and muddy footmarks all immediately come to mind. Holidays do make dirty carpets!
However, take into account that young children playing with new toys may spend hours sitting or lying on the floor, and when guests arrive you don’t want to be concerned about the cleanliness of your floor coverings. So, preparing your carpets and upholstery for holiday visits beforehand works well.

Carpet cleaning before the holidays

Look at some advantages here…

Easier stain removal

Carpets with embedded dirt are harder to clean as stains can be forced deep into the fibres. Additional staining just makes matters worse. Treating light stains immediately is far easier – see a step-by-step guide on how to remove stains below:

  • – Get rid of any loose material with a knife or back of a spoon
  • – Blot the stain with a clean dry towel, avoid rubbing as this makes the stain spread
  • – Press down firmly to soak up all the moisture, continuing until the towel is dry
  • – If the stain remains, dampen a clean towel and repeat the blotting process

Stubborn stains may need additional stain removal solutions – simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Gets rid of unpleasant smells

Carpets tend to retain odours – anything from soil and pollen to pet urine. Wet carpets quickly produce mould which can also cause a musty smell. and using the wrong cleaning solutions to remove dirt can also leave a foul smell. All of these possible sources will eventually lead to your entire house has a nasty aroma.

Ensures you can enjoy the holidays

Cleaning your carpets before the holidays will mean you can focus on entertaining your guests without having to worry about the cleanliness and hygiene of your floor coverings. Knowing that you’ve removed all the dirt and allergens from the carpet pile will let you relax and enjoy your family time.

Carpet cleaning after the holidays

If you decide that you’d prefer to wait until after the holidays to clean your carpets it really isn’t a problem. As there may be more dirt, dust, and debris on the surface, and deeper ingrained stains in the fibres you may want to consider calling in a carpet cleaning specialist.
Carpet cleaning services in Enfield, for example, will send experienced carpet cleaning technicians able to offer flexible options for all carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Using highly effective technologies and techniques stains caused by food spills, coffee, wine, sauces, and oils will be eliminated, and stain prevention solutions can be applied to prevent future accidents.
Eco-friendly products will be used that are safe for your family and pets. And a limited water supply will enable your carpets to dry quickly following the hot water extraction cleaning procedure. This method involves the use of a powerful machine that injects hot water and cleaning solution mix deep into the carpet fibres, agitating the dirt and debris and extracting it with nearly all of the water.
Rugs will be treated with utmost care so you’ll be able to have your handmade, wool, Persian or oriental rugs cleaned carefully. And if you need your upholstery cleaning that can be done for you too. Stains will be analysed and the most appropriate cleaning solution chosen for your soft furnishings.

Tips for maintaining your carpet

Most manufacturers say that carpet should last up to 10 years with proper care. Recommended tips for maintaining your carpet include:

  1. * Using rugs and mats by entrances and in hallways
  2. * Taking off your outdoor footwear as you come in
  3. * Vacuum on a daily basis to remove accumulated dust and dirt
  4. * Deal with stains straight away with homemade or stain removing agents
  5. * If you’re choosing a new carpet seriously consider a colour that least shows the dirt

Carpet maintenance also involves having your carpets cleaned once or twice a year, depending on the foot traffic, and whether you want to schedule the clean immediately before or following your celebrations. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to hire carpet cleaning professionals who will fit in with your busy lifestyle!

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