How To Get Chewing Gum Out Of Your Carpet

Chewing gum is made using a gum base mixed together with food-grade softeners, sweeteners, preservatives, colourings and flavourings. This soft, cohesive substance is designed to be chewed without being swallowed, so imagine what kind of sticky stain this can leave on your carpets when accidents happen!
Don’t worry, there are several techniques for getting rid of the gum without leaving any residues. Look at how to get chewing gum out of your carpet here…

Equipment you’ll need to get chewing gum out of carpet

  • – Ice
  • – A plastic bag
  • – Blunt knife or spoon for scraping
  • – Citrus-based cleaner
  • – Dry cleaning solvent for delicate fabrics
  • – White vinegar
  • – Washing up liquid
  • – Cooking oil or olive oil
  • – Clean cloths
  • – Sponge and paper towels
  • – WD40
  • – Nail brush

Methods for how to get gum out of your carpet

Remove chewing gum from your carpet in these easy stages:
Place ice cubes inside a plastic bag to prevent them for melting into the carpet and rub over the gum until it hardens. When it’s frozen the gum is much easier to remove.
As soon as the gum is sufficiently hardened carefully scape away the excess with the back of a spoon or a blunt knife.
Clean residues
Using a sponge carefully apply a citrus-based adhesive remover and blot away any remaining pieces of gum with clean paper towels.
Remove the stain
Mix washing up liquid with a few drops of white vinegar. Dampen a clean cloth with the solution and carefully blot the stain, working from the outside in to avoid any spread. Bear in mind not to overwet the area as this can lead to mould and mildew issues. Finish by blotting the area and leaving it to dry thoroughly.

Alternative gum removal options

Use a hairdryer
You can switch on your hairdryer and point it directly at the gum until it begins to melt. Then gently scrape it up using a plastic bag as this will adhere the gum to the bag and away from the carpet fibres. You may have to repeat the procedure until the gum has all gone.
With oil
Saturate the gum with cooking oil or olive oil applied with a clean cloth to reduce the stickiness. Then use the back of a spoon or blunt knife to scrape off the excess gum. Scrape in the same direction each time and wipe the spoon or knife after each scrape to stop any gum from being returned to the carpet. Make a washing-up liquid and water solution to then remove any excess oil. Blot carefully with a clean cloth dipped in the solution and then begin the drying process by blotting with a clean towel. You can speed this up by using your hairdryer again on the low setting, or by placing a fan nearby and opening the windows.
You can also use WD40 to remove chewing gum from your carpet. Simply spray a generous amount directly onto the gum and let it sit for a few minutes. With a nail brush gently scrub in one direction in a quick motion to avoid damaging the carpet fibres. Reapply as necessary until the gum has completely disappeared.
Over-the-counter products
There’s an entire range of chewing gum remover products that you can buy online or from your local hardware store. They work by dissolving hardened chewing gum quickly with fast-acting formulas that typically need to be applied over the gum and left to penetrate. The area can then be agitated with a nail brush and wiped over with a damp cloth.
You should test an area of hidden carpet before using any products such as these as there is a slight risk of discolouration from the active ingredients that break down and release the chewing gum without melting it. Many of these all-purpose cleaners will work without leaving traces of the gum or the solution itself.

Need a carpet cleaning specialist?

Your highly trained and experienced carpet cleaner will know exactly how to handle your chewing gum issue. Stain removal solutions are just one of the speciality services provided, and an appropriate pre-stain remover will be selected and applied to make the carpet cleaning process even easier.
Only eco-friendly products will be used to ensure the safety of your family and pets, and these powerful cleaning solutions will break down, dirt, debris, and bacteria deep within the carpet fibres. The hot water extraction method doesn’t require large amounts of water so following the clean your carpets will dry quickly, and smell and look as new!