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How To Remove Ink Stains From Carpet

Ink is defined as a coloured fluid used for writing, drawing, or printing. It can be either a liquid or a paste and maybe water or oil-based. Different types of ink create different types of stains and each one will require a certain method to remove it, as the ink often contains fluorescents, lubricants, and […]

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How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses adapt to your shape and movement giving comfort, support, and relief from pressure. But over time your mattress will attract dust and dirt, as well as perspiration and allergens, making it a priority on your cleaning to-do list! You may not know the best way to tackle this job so here are […]

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How To Get Sand Out Of Carpet

Understanding the structure of your carpet will help you to see what damage can be done when dirt and grime get left unattended. Your carpet is made by either tufting with a primary and secondary backing fabric, weaving in a variety of patterns and textures, or sculpturing with two sets of loops to produce a […]

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How To Sanitize Carpet For Baby

Carpets add warmth and comfort to your rooms and make the ideal crawling space for babies. However, they also provide the perfect environment for allergens and dust mites to hide which can potentially cause health risks for your baby. Carpet cleaning when babies are around is different to before! You won’t be able to use […]

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What To Do Before A Carpet Cleaner Arrives

Vacuum a carpet

It’s highly recommended that you schedule professional carpet cleaning about twice a year to keep carpets hygienically clean and your home environment healthy. Getting your carpets cleaned regularly also extends the carpet’s lifespan. So, your appointment is made and you’re preparing for your carpet cleaning session. Need to know what to do before a carpet […]

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Professional Carpet Cleaning vs DIY

Midsection of woman carrying basket of cleaning supplies

Carpet cleaning is essential to keep your home environment hygienic and healthy. Dirty carpets are the ideal breeding ground for mites and bacteria resulting in health problems, with dirt and grime penetrating deep into the carpet fibres making them look grubby and smell unpleasant. Clean carpets actually increase air quality, and regular cleaning ensures long […]

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