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How To Remove Dried Red Wine From Carpet

red wine

Keeping your carpets clean is known to be good for your health. When carpets are properly sanitised there’s little chance of dust and allergens finding their way into the air where they can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Regular cleaning actually extends the life of your carpet. And enhances your living space. But accidents […]

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How Often Should Your Carpet Be Cleaned?

vacuum cleaning

Dirty carpets hide a range of problems that have been associated with poor health. Studies have shown that dust mites and mould can cause allergies and irritations. Toxins can reduce immune systems. And respiratory diseases can be made worse. These health issues can all be avoided with a deep carpet cleanse. How often should your […]

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How Do Carpet Cleaners Work Around Furniture?

Clean living room

Experts recommend that to keep carpets hygienic and dirt-free you should have them professionally cleaned twice a year. By doing this you’ll remove deep-seated dust and grime. Ger rid of unpleasant smells. And increase the life of your carpets. So, how do carpet cleaners work around furniture? Take a look… Be Carpet Cleaning Savvy Research […]

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