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Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Dog and Cat Urine?

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Pets are honourable members of our households. They’re practically a part of the family. But whether you’ve got young kittens or pups who are not yet potty trained or older pets which suffer from incontinence, you’ve got some trouble on your hands.

This is because they can make your rugs and carpets their next location for relieving themselves. And this can lead to repeat accidents. As such, it’s crucial to treat your rugs and carpets the right way after such an incident. Let’s take a look at why and what you can do about it. 

Why is cat and dog urine bad for your carpet?

Dog and cat urine, in general, contains corrosive enzymes. In addition, urine contains urea, urobilin, cholesterol and uric acid leading to an unpleasant ammonia-like smell. Unfortunately, you can have your carpet ruined by pet urine due to permanent staining, particularly foul odours and repeat accidents. But it’s not only the carpet that can get ruined.

The floor underneath can be damaged as well. This is because urea penetrates the fibres and falls down to the base of the carpet, making contact with the floor. If you have a wooden floor under your carpet, you can expect some warping, bulging and some sharp odours to remain there.

When an accident occurs, you’re very likely to want to attack the stain by yourself with some household products. You may have heard of white vinegar and water solutions to do the trick. But the chances are that instead of helping to clean your carpet, you’re simply accelerating the damage, making it worse.

One example of this is if you buy a store-bought cleaner to treat the urine. When you scrub it (quite vigorously at that), the chemicals in the urine and the chemicals of the cleaner will collide with the urine’s enzymes. This ultimately causes carpet damage as the fibres are reacting to two corrosive elements simultaneously. 

Another downside to pet urine on your carpets is the negative and secondary health effects it may have on you. This is the case especially if you have sensitive sinuses. As a result, you can experience watery eyes or develop allergies. If you have young children or elderly people in the house, then it is worth protecting their health and immune systems from this.

What is the best way to clean pet urine out of a carpet?

While you may read about home remedies to get a pet’s smell out of a carpet, the chances are that this will not go very far. There is no way that blotting a stain with paper towels will remove it. Nor is it a helpful way of getting rid of the smell.

To conquer this, it’s highly advisable that you use professional pet urine removal services as the best course of action. Why? Because it uses powerful equipment and deep cleaning techniques that penetrate right into the carpets fibres, extracting all the mess from it. This can help with odours as well as stains.

On the other hand, if you use store-bought cleaning products, the chances are that you may mask the smell for some time, but your pet will still be able to pick up on the smell that they left there and continue to use it as their favourite spot to relieve itself.

Will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odours?

A frequent question we often get asked is will a professional carpet cleaner remove pet urine? Our answer is a definitive “yes”. Professional pet urine carpet cleaning can effectively clean dog and cat urine.

This is especially the case if the stains are treated timeously and with the proper equipment. We highly recommend that you never scrub or rub pet stains. And that you use professional carpet cleaners to get the job done.

So, how does professional carpet cleaning work to address pet urine stains? It’s all about the equipment, techniques and detergents used. Firstly, water is mixed in a reservoir together with the right detergent. After this, the solution is applied directly to the stain using high temperatures.

Next, strong suction-like motions are applied to the stain to remove it completely from the carpet. But it’s not just the stain, it’s the odour, too. In fact, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when your entire household starts smelling better and looking fresher once you’ve had your carpets cleaned by a professional.

Take advantage of our pet stain removal carpet cleaning in Enfield and Harrow

At Perfect Carpet Cleaning, we’ve got a three-pronged approach to getting rid of pet urine stains from your carpets. This approach entails experience, machinery and detergents/chemicals. We don’t just fight the stain, we fight the odours, too. Because this method works, you can have professional pet stain removal carpet cleaning in Enfield and Harrow and the surrounding area as opposed to doing it yourself the ineffective way.

So, simply reach out to us whenever you have an unwanted accident that you’re unsure of how to get rid of. We’re a trusted group of professionals with vast experience, cleaning hundreds of households just like yours effectively, efficiently and professionally.

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