What To Do Before A Carpet Cleaner Arrives

Vacuum a carpet

It’s highly recommended that you schedule professional carpet cleaning about twice a year to keep carpets hygienically clean and your home environment healthy. Getting your carpets cleaned regularly also extends the carpet’s lifespan.
So, your appointment is made and you’re preparing for your carpet cleaning session. Need to know what to do before a carpet cleaner arrives? Read on…

Make a list of problem areas

Noting where the biggest stains or spots are and any other areas of concern will really help your carpet cleaner, especially if you know what the stains are. The origin of the stain will determine the pre-treatment solutions used to remove it.
You can discuss whether you’ve tried to remove any stains yourself and what you used, how long the stains have been there, and any other helpful information. You can also tell your carpet cleaner about any concerns you may have, and point out areas where there’s high foot traffic.

Free up a parking space

The equipment needed to carry out your carpet cleaning is heavy so keeping space free for parking the van is ideal. The driveway or a space on the road outside your property will be fine.

Tie up long curtains

Long draperies need to be about six inches off the floor to protect them from any moisture that comes from the industry-strength cleaning equipment. You can use rubber bands or pin them up. Alternatively, you can hang them over the curtain rods.

Move furniture

Depending on the carpet cleaning company you choose you may have to move all of the furniture or just some of it. You’ll need to know the company policy – some will just vacuum and clean the free floor space; others will place protective covers under legs to minimise marks.
Some companies specify that they will move furniture but only if pieces such as cabinets, bookcases, and sideboards are empty. You may be entitled to a discount if the room is completely empty and carpets can be cleaned from wall to wall.

Relocate smaller floor items

You’ll need to move anything that can get in the way of your carpet cleaner’s tools. This includes floor lamps, waste paper baskets, shoes, and children’s toys. Delicate items on display will need to be relocated to avoid accidents during the cleaning process.
Small furniture like side tables and chairs that are light enough to be easily removed should be taken into another room. Tidying the floor ensures that nothing of value is sucked up by the powerful carpet cleaning machine.

Vacuum thoroughly

Vacuuming beforehand ensures that the cleaning process is more effective as it removes loose debris and dirt. You’ll find that the majority of carpet cleaning companies will use a power-head cleaner to do this job to avoid later issues when the carpet is damp. Ask your carpet cleaning professional if you need to vacuum before they arrive – or you could just do it anyway!

Dust skirting boards

Wiping down your skirting boards will also limit the amount of loose dust in the room. Doing this job before the carpet cleaning will help keep the carpet clean for longer following the actual clean.

Make arrangements for children and pets

You’ll need to make sure that your children are happily engaged in another room away from the carpet cleaning so that the cleaners can fully concentrate. Although all products used will be a child and pet-friendly the noise of the machine may be frightening, and cords can become tangled and hazardous.
Some carpet cleaning companies will use truck-mounted systems that need an outside door to be left slightly open. If the cleaning startles your pet this may be an easy escape route, so you need to take this into account.
You could arrange outdoor activities during the cleaning session. Bear in mind that carpets will need a few hours of drying time before they can be walked on so you may have to keep doors closed.

Talk to the professionals

Experts from deep carpet cleaning services will gladly provide you with all the information you need regarding carpet cleaning preparations. You can also request a quote, find out how long the service will take, and get advice on carpet maintenance for the future. Ask about stain prevention and anti-static odour protection – all things that help keep your carpets refreshed and looking new.