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Get domestic and commercial carpet cleaning in Barnet. And get it seven days a week.

Whenever you need attention for any kind of fabric – on upholstered furniture, your rugs and carpet, even your mattress – Perfect Carpet Cleaning makes it easy to book a convenient professional service.

You’ll find that we’re just as used to working in private homes large and small as we are around all sizes of offices, shops and other commercial and industrial properties. Wherever you find yourself in need of the work of expert mattress, upholstery and carpet cleaners – we’re here to help you.

Plans and Pricing

Fit us in around even the busiest schedule. We work Monday-Sunday with flexible working hours which make it easy to fit in the industrial carpet cleaning you need in around long or awkward opening hours. Or to get carpet cleaners around to deal with the fabric or mattresses in your home when you yourself have a hectic timetable.

Get comprehensive insurance and re-clean coverage at all times. Every domestic or commercial carpet cleaning service we deliver, as well as all of the work we do with rugs, furniture and mattresses, comes with our Satisfaction Guarantee as standard. Not satisfied with the service we provide? Tell us. We don’t think it’s likely given the experience of our small, closely-knit team and advanced equipment. But we will come back for free if you ever have a problem.

Enjoy the best value for money. You’ll be able to take advantage of some of the most affordable domestic and industrial carpet cleaning services in the local area. If you ever have a question about how to get the best deal on the work you need to get done, simply give us a call.

Commercial and Domestic Carpet Cleaning in Barnet Safe For All the Family


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ll of the products we use in our commercial and domestic carpet cleaning in Barnet are safe for children, pets and the environment too.

We’re often called in to reduce the number of allergens or other harmful and unpleasant substances in a certain area. That’s because our equipment uses a heated water and detergent mix which eliminates microorganisms like dust mites and bed bugs.

Sufferers of asthma and other respiratory problems, rejoice!

Choose one-off and regular commercial and domestic carpet cleaning. We operate seven days week with long opening hours which give you plenty of flexibility when it comes to meeting even the busiest of schedules. Tell us how we can fit in around your opening hours or times when you’re at work. We’ll always do our best to work around you.

Count on services designed for all property types. With our extensive experience, there aren’t many types of properties which we won’t have worked in before. In the past, we’ve been called in to clean the fabric in offices, shops, showrooms, flats, public property, apartments and houses.

Get in touch with us any time that you have five minutes free. You will always be speaking to a real live human being who will be happy to help you.

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The Advanced Equipment We Use For All Upholstery Cleaning in Barnet

When you call us in for carpet, rug, mattress or upholstery cleaning in Barnet, your service will be conducted by a professional armed with one of our Ninja 400 PSI hot water extraction machines. We chose this device to deliver all of our services with because of the proven results it gets with all sorts of fabric.

The machine mixes together water and a specially selected cleansing solution. Then it heats the resultant mixture and pressure-injects it into the very base of your material. The heat dissolves the connections linking dirt to fabric, thus washing away marks and stains. It also deals with nasty microorganisms and other unwanted allergens which may be present.

It’s also neat and portable, which is a big plus for us.

Get the Best Results From Your Mattress Cleaning in Barnet

Fast acting and highly efficient, the way in which we deliver your mattress cleaning in Barnet gets you a deep down cleanse for your bedding. Plus, it means you won’t need to wait around that long to use it again after your appointment is over.

Minimal drying time. You can tell from the name alone that the hot water extraction technique we use includes water “extraction” as part of the process! This happens through suction after your mattress cleaning is complete and means that eight hours is the longest possible drying time for the biggest mattresses.

Ideal for allergy sufferers. If you’re asthmatic or suffer from other allergies, this is the ideal technique for cleansing your bedding. It will kill almost every single microorganism present and defeat any allergens too.

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