10 Tips To Share With Your Colleagues To Improve Workplace Cleanliness

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It’s a proven fact that keeping an office clean and tidy improves productivity – and is good for your health! There are some really quick and simple ways to make sure your working environment is maintained at a level that encourages you to go to work – and enjoy your time there. Take a look at 10 tips to share with your colleagues to improve workplace cleanliness…

1. Make a cleaning rota

Depending on the number of employees and the size of the workplace will determine the number of times cleaning should be done. A small office with up to five colleagues would only need two cleaning sessions a week – but shops and café’s require several cleans daily. Everybody plays a role in housekeeping and if a problem is spotted it should immediately be reported – policies should ideally be put in writing.

2. Install handwash dispensers

Passing germs around the office is easily done – on average we touch our faces about 18 times an hour and infections are transmitted by touch. Consider mounting handwash sanitisers in all areas of the workplace enabling washing without having to go to the washroom. Locating dispensers at entry and exit points, near the bins, and in the kitchen area reminds everyone of the importance of handwashing –and improves hygiene by up to 50%.

3. Learn about hygiene practices

Housekeeping should be carried out on a continual basis – keeping records and maintaining regular inspections and reports all help. Training is the best way to ensure cleaning and organisation is done regularly – a good programme identifies and assigns responsibilities covering day to day and shift cleans ups, waste disposal and the removal of unused materials. Education is needed on high-risk hotspots for germs such as toilet seats, reception desks, and telephones – and the need to cover noses and mouths when sneezing or coughing.

4. Set areas for eating and drinking

Try not to eat or drink at your desk – find a space in the restroom or kitchen to have your lunch. If you do have to work through and eating at your workstation is unavoidable then use cleansing wipes specifically designed for electronics to wipe down your keyboard and monitor. Lunch away from your desk can help reset your brain for an afternoon of productivity.

5. Empty the bins

The regular collection and sorting of waste contributes to good housekeeping practices – you can separate materials that can be recycled from those going directly to waste disposal facilities. Waste receptacles can be clearly labelled for recyclable glass, plastic, and cardboard. Remember that smelly bins only create more germs, and need to be emptied daily.

6. Declutter

Reduce desktop papers by scanning documents into your computer – and save documents with backup storage. Designate drawer space and keep them orderly with drawer organisers. Label folders and filing systems with names and dates – and update them regularly. Get rid of debris that’s making a mess, and keep disinfectant wipes handy to wipe down surfaces to eliminate germs. Get into a routine of clearing away unneeded papers before you go home each day.

7. Keep air fresh

The scent of a good air freshener will subdue food and other unpleasant odours. When the working environment smells nice this also encourages an atmosphere that helps you stay focused and in working mode. Let in fresh air by keeping windows open – or consider getting an air purifier for your desk.

8. Take regular exercise

You should stand or walk around for at least two hours during the day to avoid health risks – taking breaks at regular intervals. Posture is also important – slouching will only make you feel tired and unwilling to help with office cleaning!

9. Clean the windows

Making sure the windows are cleaned will allow natural light into the building – this can transform a dull workplace and enhance your mood and performance.

10. Have carpets professionally cleaned

Office Carpet CleaningExperienced technicians from a trusted carpet cleaning company such as Perfect Carpet Cleaning will use advanced techniques and quality products to get rid of dirt, dust, and smells from your carpets. You’ll be able to make a commercial carpet cleaning appointment that fits into your busy working schedule – and safe cleaning methods will be used to ensure your carpets dry in just a few hours. Getting your carpets cleaned on a regular basis will ensure a healthier working environment.